5 Quotes To Live By With Wale Akinyemi

Yesterday evening, I had the great pleasure of attending a talk by Dr. Wale Akinyemi. Whenever someone tells me there is going to be a meeting that’ll add value to my life, I grab the opportunity with all hands. And I loved every minute of this particular talk.

I could see why Dr. Akinyemi is so well known. He really is a powerhouse, who captivates his audience with his voice, his great sense of humour, genuine personality and words of endless wisdom. I thought I didn’t need to write anything down when he first started speaking, but there were some things he said that I simply had to write. His delivery is also brilliant! These quotes truly resonated with me, and often I was clapping by myself and I really didn’t care! They simply shook me to my core.

1. Stop Seeking Permission To Live Your Best Life!

If you want to do something, go ahead and do it. Stop seeking validation from others. You will never, ever, ever get it. Execute your life-plans!

2. When An Eagle Hangs Around Chickens, It Forgets How To Fly!

This one hit me quite hard. It has now forced me to look critically at my life. It reminds me of another quote. “You Don’t Get What You Want. You Get Who You Are.” We shouldn’t be surprised that our lives haven’t taken off when we are in an environment of utter mediocrity. We will Fly when we get away from the chickens!

3. Transformation Will Happen When It Is Your Lifeline, and Not An Option!

This helped me understand why so many of us are where we are. I don’t really care what anyone says, the truth is, transformation is an option. When you are comfortable where you are, why would you want to change your circumstances for the better? Transformation is much, much harder when it is an option. This will stick with me forever.

4. Leave The Haters At The Point Where You Failed!

This was part of his Wale Rules, “Be Revenge Minded” which emphasises that success is the best revenge. People are going to look for opportunities to bring you down. There are those who quite honestly bathe in your failure and despair. But when you rise above it all, and you aren’t afraid anymore, your haters are going to stay in that same place, where you left them. I absolutely love this quote! I hope you do too!

5.The Only Person You Can Totally Predict Is Yourself!

Isn’t this the truth? Getting out of the lives of others and focusing on ourselves is what will bring significant growth into our lives. Let us focus on ourselves, and focus on being better than we were the day before. I bet you can tell me right now if I asked you where you see yourself 5 years from now if you keep on with the same behaviours and routines you have right now. You will tell me if your future is promising or not. So make it promising. Focus On You!


These talks are gold, and these opportunities are rare. Grab them! The talks also provide a chance to connect and network with like-minded individuals. I encourage you to attend these talks as well. They happen here in Nairobi City at the KICC  on the first Thursday of every month!

For more information on his work, check out Power Talks and also do take the time to read his Wale Rules


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