Who is behind Push Factor?

I’d like to introduce myself to you. My name is Sheila Makena, and my goal for this website is to help you discover what your BIG WHY is. What are you sick and tired of, and what are you prepared to change in your life for good? Well, this is what I am here for, to help you finally push yourself out of your current frustrating circumstances and into a life of fulfillment and passion, which is what you truly deserve.

I am very familiar with frustration and unhappiness myself. I overcame a dark phase of depression, which culminated in planning a suicide attempt. It was my belief in the fact that I had to live my life for others and not just for myself, that led me out of my phase of depression.

Now fully inspired to help others, I realize my gift for understanding people’s highest desires to do and become more in their lives but not having the right tools to attain their highest desires.

As a strong believer in the potential for others to turn their lives around through changing undesired habits, I created Push Factor to provide the most comprehensive information and the necessary tools for anyone who wants to change the way they lead their lives to do just that.

So what is Push Factor?

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