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smartphone addiction
Cultivate Habits

Got A Smartphone Addiction? Here’s What To Do

By On June 24, 2017

You know you have a smartphone addiction when you give it more attention in your bedroom than your lover. This is just one example of knowing you are addicted to your smartphone.… Read More

Cultivate Habits

Take Control Of Your Life By Checking This One Problem

By On June 22, 2017

I received an email the other day from someone concerned about a behaviour they wanted to take control of. The person asked for tips on how to change it. I figured I’d… Read More

make your bed
Cultivate Habits

5 Surprising Reasons To Make Your Bed Every Morning!

By On June 19, 2017

“If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day,” he said. “It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage… Read More

Attitude & Happiness

Are You An Unsupervised Child?

By On January 9, 2015

Yeah I said it. Many of us are tall, hairy, unsupervised children who dress well and don’t make a lot of noise… unless we are intoxicated. Think about it. So much of… Read More

Attitude & Happiness

Push Factor Saturday: NO JUDGE ZONE!

By On October 22, 2014

“Why wait to have  resolutions at the beginning of the year? Why not set your goals right now?” ~ Kenneth Muriithi This last PF Saturday that took place on the 18th of… Read More

why you will never change your career

Here’s Why You Will Never Change Your Career!

By On July 15, 2014

So here’s the dream right now for most of us: We want a fulfilling, exciting, passionate career that has us reluctant to go to sleep every night and happy to wake up every… Read More

Attitude & Happiness

8 Strategies To Conquer The Monday Blues!

By On June 30, 2014

I know I’m supposed to be this ultimate motivator, and talk about how Monday is meant to be a beautiful, fresh start and a chance to make this week magnificent, but the… Read More

Personal Development

The Number 1 Reason Why You Keep Failing! (IMHO)

By On June 18, 2014

I’ve started to realize that the road to one’s ultimate success is very personal. Everyone, including me, will be quick to tell you about perseverance, hard work and having a vision, but… Read More

benefits of daily routines
Cultivate Habits

Where Does Your Real Power Lie?

By On April 23, 2014

There has only been one time in my life that I was happy to sit and concentrate for long stretches of time, and that was when I was actively working on my… Read More

Cultivate Habits

5 Ways To Take Consistent Action (No Matter What!)

By On March 12, 2014

Do me a favour: don’t ever tell yourself that you are not consistent! You consistently wake up every morning, prepare for work, if you have a family, get the kids ready for… Read More