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Cultivate Habits

How To Control Your Life? Control Your Triggers!

By On February 20, 2014

I received an email the other day from someone concerned about a behaviour they want to change. The person asked for tips on how to change it. I figured I’d expound on… Read More

Cultivate Habits

10 Mistakes In Behaviour Change, By Stanford University, Part II

By On February 18, 2014

So in last week’s article, we learnt the first 5 mistakes we make when changing behaviours and habits, courtesy of the Persuasive Tech Lab from the University of Stanford. Today, I tackle… Read More

Cultivate Habits

10 Mistakes In Behaviour Change, By Stanford University, Part I

By On February 14, 2014

It’s Friday. 🙂 If you were around me, we’d do the happy dance. If you read my blog post earlier this week, I had touched very briefly on a team known as… Read More

Attitude & Happiness

Willpower Vs. Tiny Habits: Which Works Best?

By On February 11, 2014

This has been a particularly tough start to the week! Where I am, the weather changed suddenly from sunny, cloudless skies to rainy, chilly weather, which made me catch a bit of… Read More

Attitude & Happiness

5 Quotes To Live By With Wale Akinyemi

By On January 10, 2014

Yesterday evening, I had the great pleasure of attending a talk by Dr. Wale Akinyemi. Whenever someone tells me there is going to be a meeting that’ll add value to my life,… Read More

Cultivate Habits

The Science of Tiny Habits

By On January 9, 2014

I believe that habits are the common denominator to our whole life. Thoughts, habits and routines is what basically make up the lives we live today. For a long time, I never… Read More

Personal Development

Your 2014 Will Suck! Unless…

By On December 30, 2013

Days come and go. The sun rises and sets. The joys of ringing in the new year will fade, and you will be back to your usual routine, waking up in the… Read More