Here’s Why Goals Have No Soul

Goals Have No Soul

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My first disclaimer here is that I believe goals are extremely important.
I have mine written down and they are absolutely crucial to anyone’s personal growth!

But I really feel we place too much emphasis on the goal itself.
We think that finally completing a goal is somehow going to absolve us of all of our past sins.
We believe that somehow the achievement will make us happy and we will have reached our pinnacle, never needing to go any further because, hey, we have arrived!
The reason why I came up with the term “goals have no soul” is because it is true! Goals do not really care about you!
Think about it…
When you finally achieved a goal you set out to pursue, how long were you excited for that achievement?
Most likely a maximum of a few days, right?
It doesn’t matter what the goal is, whether it is finally moving into that corner office with a plush salary that you had been dreaming of, or finally looking at the weight scale and realizing that after 3 years, you have finally reached your targeted weight that you have sweated, bled and fought for!
We are humans… we acclimatize!


What I am basically trying to say is that the goal itself is not the big kahuna.
A goal needs a partner, and that partner is the adventure!
Once again, let me stress that goals are extremely important! I mean for crying out loud, I have a free guide about setting and achieving any goal that you desire!


But what I have discovered about goals is that
…with every disappointment you take
…with every form of rejection you endure
… with every new piece of knowledge you learn
…with every new strategy you apply, while sticking through the journey of pursuing your goal,
you attain remarkable results along the way!


the soul is in the journey


The real magic is happening on your way to the coveted trophy!

You’re getting stronger, wiser, moving faster, gaining more confidence, becoming incredibly self aware
…that’s why when you finally get to your goal you’re only excited for a day!
Because all along you’ve been building, creating and evolving!


So remember this:
  1. Set The Goal! Your goal is your North Star! Every time you get lost, just remember to look up at your star so find direction again!
  2. Get Thoroughly Involved With The Journey! Recognition of this adventure you are on is what will keep you excited, even when you finally get to your destination. You will never take your end for granted!
So remember the formula:


The Goal+ The Journey =  Real Success!


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