Here’s Why I’ll Be Keeping A Gratitude Journal And You Should Too



I used to keep a gratitude journal.

Actually I still have it, but I haven’t used it in years…


Like many good habits I started, somehow I let this very important one slip through my fingers.

I forgot about how important it is to give thanks for what I do have, where I am, and for the people in my life who make life worth living.


gratitude journal


See… we live in a world filled with the ideology of consumerism.

“Get, get, get, acquire, acquire acquire!”

“You will be happy when you finally get to this place!”

“You can’t possibly be happy until you are recognized for this achievement or that accolade!”


So many of us live our lives on hold… and it is really sad.

I actually made the theme on my Facebook page for this week to be about being thankful, and I did this on purpose!

gratitude journal theme


I wanted to look for content everyday this week about gratitude, and how it can change an individual like darkness to daylight!

So I came across this YouTube video by a neuroscientist by the name of Shonte Jovan Taylor who discusses how gratitude can change your brain!

As it turns out, there are two regions in our brain (the cerebellum and the temporal lobe) that regulate our thinking, mood and temper, and studies have shown that being actively grateful through exercises like

  • Appreciation meditation
  • Keeping a gratitude journal and
  • Talking to ourselves about what we are thankful for

Can positively impact the brain and change one’s behaviour pretty drastically.

Check out the video (courtesy of YouTube) below to see what I mean!

Gratitude Changes The Brain & Regulates Your Mood

Your brain is designed to respond to the instruction you give. Gratitude can literally change the shape and activity of your brain and thoughts.


I think you should follow suit and get yourself a journal/notebook, strictly for writing down, on a daily basis, the positive aspects of your life and the people in it. It will do us a heck of a lot of good, don’t you think?

Here are 6 added benefits to keeping a gratitude journal!

  • As you have watched in the video above, it can change your brain for the better
  • It gets you through those really tough days that sometimes can be hard to deal with
  • It can really help your relationships, because of your actively choosing to see the good in your loved ones, especially your spouse, instead of constantly picking on the habits you are not happy with about them.
  • It makes you far more approachable, because when you see your life from a place of gratitude, you start to see the people around you from the same perspective, and this makes you friendlier, and far less irritable, (especially to those co-workers you don’t particularly like)
  • It helps you become far less tense and anxious. We are living in very turbulent times, and more often than not, we find that we inundate ourselves with bad news on the radio, in the newspapers, on our TVs. Think about how much life would change when we choose to focus on the immediate good in our lives, and being thankful for it.
  • It helps us become less envious. When we truly appreciate what we have and who we have in our lives, when we focus on the memories of how these things and how these people have benefited and enriched us, it becomes almost impossible to constantly dwell on the lack in our lives.. and insterestingly, when we focus on the good, then only more good will come to us.

So are you convinced? Because I certainly am!

I’ll be headed to the stationery section of my book store to get myself a nice, spiffy notebook and I shall title it “My Gratitude Journal.”

I hope you do the same!