The Science of Tiny Habits

I believe that habits are the common denominator to our whole life. Thoughts, habits and routines is what basically make up the lives we live today. For a long time, I never understood why year after year after year I’d get the same results, despite the fact that I would always try new ways of living better. The truth is, in all my trials, I did not let anything stick. I would go back to my same old habits, and get mad at myself at the end of the year because I felt like I had nothing to show for it.

I created Push Factor because I know one of the things we struggle with are bad habits. Changing a habit you have been doing for the past 30 years is a pretty mammoth task. But there is a very clever way of creating new, good habits in your life that can truly turn it around.

There is power in baby steps!

I realised this when I stumbled across this website, Tiny Habits  by Dr. BJ Fogg.
His instructions are very simple. Sign up for the 5-day program, read the instructions, pick the 3 tiny habits you want to accomplish for 5 days. Yes, 5 days. Not 21 or 30.

This method, as far as I am concerned is ingenious, because not only do your tiny habits stick, they also stimulate new behaviours. For example, I chose one of my 3 habits to be making my bed every morning, because I am notorious for leaving my bed undone, which makes my room untidy. Now, every day, when I make my bed, I clean up the rest of my bedroom. I hang all my clothes, put the dirty ones in the laundry instead of leaving a pile on the floor, and put everything back in its place. I do this every morning before I take a shower. Small, yes. But it means the whole world to me, because I do it every day!

So if you’re not a fan of new year’s resolutions, try acquiring 3 Tiny Habits with Dr. Fogg. It is not only worth it, but it could very well be a catalyst to bigger life changes!