Self-Support: Why You Should Never Bet Against Yourself!

Do you realize how little you think of yourself sometimes? How, little by little, we lose so much faith in ourselves that we actually stop believing in anything powerful that comes out of our mouths?

Humour me. Try saying this to yourself: “I am a genius!”
What are the barrage of thoughts that bombard you after saying that? I can guess.
“Don’t be silly!”
“You were a C student throughout high school!”
“Yep! You were that genius whose engine overheated this morning ‘cos you didn’t take the car to the mechanic for the umpteenth time!”

… see?
But how many times have you done something you were really proud of? How many times has someone yelled “Oh my gosh! You’re a genius!” when you suggested something to them that seemed really simple to you?
While I understand that you have probably already started a SWOT analysis of why you are not that smart or witty,  I think I speak for us all when I say we have been wired to respond more to the negative aspects of who we are than the positive.

So what do you do when you want to do something different, decide to change a bad habit you have or take up a new activity that you will thank your future self for?


1. You must start becoming aware of your thought process. When you do, you’ll begin to notice a voice in your head that tells you, constantly, that you cannot possibly do what you say you can do.

2. You must start pumping yourself up with… what I call “Good Juice”. By that I mean, putting yourself in situations that will build you, and getting away from Sally, or John, who do nothing else but complain about what is wrong with their lives, and what is wrong with yours too. (I just picked the names for examples!)

3. You must start forming new habits. Now I do not mean change your life overnight and start waking up at 5 am everyday if you’re used to waking up at 7. But if there are certain habits you have that you know are detrimental to your success, please, start to change them. Slowly, but surely. Do a google search on “how to change bad habits”. Read the articles, and find one that suits you. Start there! But don’t stop! 🙂

4. You must have a clear Push Factor. (Your compelling reason) There is nothing more time wasting than starting on a big project/cause/goal/dream and not having very clear factors that are pushing you to doing it. Find your Push Factor! Are you working to make the lives of your kids better? Are you working because you want more for your financial future? Are you working because you want to have control of your life back, and you are sick and tired of everyone else planning your life but you?

That’s it for now. 4 musts to stop betting against yourself. No one is going to propel you as far as you can. Only you have seen the beauty of your goals and dreams, and you will be very lucky to find someone else who gets your vision. So while they are nowhere to be found, you are the driver of this bus. Start driving it. And don’t worry about a well defined plan. Solid plans only start to form when you have gained enough momentum, because that is when things start to fall into place. Like Magic!