Set Your Mind Right Every Day!

I used to think that positive self-affirmations were absolute hog wash!

I believed it was some airy fairy stuff that some disillusioned person or schemer concocted. But, isn’t my constant barrage of negative self talk an affirmation? Yes it is! If I affirm to myself how much my day is going to suck, or how terrible my job is, how badly I am in need of money, etc, etc, then why can’t I instead affirm myself positively? Why not start my mornings being grateful for what I have, affirming to myself that I alone have the power to make my days great, and that money continues to flow into my life, (because it does)?

So I want to share with you a potentially life changing habit, and that is, the habit of positive self-affirmations. I have posted the one above, one of my favourite ones, to show you that you can spend 7 minutes of your day, preferably the start of it, to set your mind in a direction of real power. I hope you enjoy it!

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Sheila Makena is a dedicated enthusiast and student of habit and behavioural change who sees the greater need for individuals to change of unwanted routines and habits in their lives in order for individuals to live their highest purpose and desires. Read full bio here...

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