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how to deal with negative thinking
Attitude & Happiness

What Do Lights, Cockroaches and Negative Thinking Have In Common?

By On May 21, 2014

Back in 2005, I had just come back home from university in Pretoria, South Africa. I hadn’t spent more than 5 months in my home, Kenya , for the 10 year period… Read More

Cultivate Habits

How To Control Your Life? Control Your Triggers!

By On February 20, 2014

I received an email the other day from someone concerned about a behaviour they want to change. The person asked for tips on how to change it. I figured I’d expound on… Read More

Cultivate Habits

The Science of My Sister and Me.

By On February 4, 2014

Cute picture, right? That’s my uncle, my sister and me when we were in elementary school. We had just come from school when that picture was taken. As all siblings, our personalities… Read More

Attitude & Happiness

6 Reasons Why You Still Feel Stuck In Life

By On December 20, 2013

  You know you are officially stuck when you feel like, year after year, you are going through the same motions, and you are seeing very little difference in your life. Here’s… Read More

stick to your plans road
Attitude & Happiness

Keep Calm and Stick To Your Plans

By On November 21, 2013

When the going gets tough, you better keep going! I am actually writing this article more for me, than for you, as a reminder to myself that no matter how difficult this… Read More