Which Is The Best Self Awareness Test For You?

self awareness test

A Self Awareness Test is like carrying out an audit on yourself!

I got that from this awesome YouTube video clip of Gary Vaynerchuck explaining how important it is to become more self aware.

Self-Awareness: Know Yourself: Gary Vaynerchuk

If I could wish one skill on people it would be Self Awareness! So many of your friends and family need to see this asap! I hope you enjoy this 🙂 — Thank you for watching this video.

Are you interested in discovering what your strengths and weaknesses really are?

Are you concerned about certain areas in your life that you know you need to improve on?

Would you like to identify particular characteristics in your life that are either helping or hindering you from making progress in your life?

A good self-assessment test can answer all these questions for you.

But there are so many tests out there!

So I figured I’d save you the time and rate the tests I found under the search term “self assessment test” and these are the results I found.


Self Awareness Test #1 – INLPCENTER

Self Awareness Test | Have a Major Aha-Moment and Get Your Score

This unique self awareness test, developed by the iNLP Center, teaches you what you didn’t know about you – or anyone. Get your score!

Rating: 6/10


These questions are pretty straight forward and detailed, which makes it very clear how you want to answer each one.

However, the results you get are basically in the form of a brief sentence, paragraph maximum. Though it may be pretty accurate, it kinda leaves you in a cliffhanger, wondering why there isn’t any detail, or even suggested resources that can help me improve on my shortcomings.

One of the results I tested out suggested I “reach out for help”… from who?


Self Awareness Test #2 – Hermes-Press


Self-Awareness Test

No Description

Rating: 1/10


I thought this particular test was a joke. This self assessment test is like doing a multiple choice test for marks. To make matters worse, it will direct you to a link that has absolutely nothing to do with the self assessment at all. This was definitely a waste of time.


Self Awareness Test #3 – Higher Awareness

Awareness level test – How aware are you?

Test your awareness level. Monitor your growth. Find your next step to you raise your awareness.

Rating: 7/10


At first I was a little confused about how to answer the questions. You can choose several answers if you’d like to.

But I was confused when it came to certain choices. E.g. ” Chaos, emotional reactions and negative thinking” are all bundled up in one choice. I do react emotionally, and I do experience negative thinking, but I wouldn’t describe my life as chaotic. So certain issues like that did confuse me.

My results, however, were surprisingly accurate.

They explain one’s characteristcs well, what one is experiencing or struggling with in their life (in point form) so at the very least, it will confirm certain suspicions you have of your current self-awareness. Use the results to zero in on certain details which you feel describe you well, that you have been hesitating about, and that you know you need to start focusing more on.

It didn’t offer the detail I was looking for, but it is a good start if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands and want some basic information.


Self Awareness Test #4 – Visual DNA




Oops, looks like something went wrong. Try refreshing the page. If you’re still experiencing problems, please ensure your browser is up-to-date (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari 5+, Internet Explorer 9+).

Rating: 8/10


This test was a lot of fun to do, because as the name suggests, it is a visual test.

You are asked a direct, short question, and your answers are in the form of thumbnail images that describe your personality, how you would feel or what you would do under certain circumstances. It seems like so much fun that you forget that you are being evaluated.

The process is a bit long, so do be patient and answer as accurately as you can.

The results are surprisingly awesome! They are divided according to:-

  • Your most dominant characteristic
  • Love
  • Money
  • Time
  • Energy

At the bottom of every category, you will see a selection of 3 books for suggested reading that can help you on your self-knowledge journey. If that isn’t awesome, I don’t know what is!


Self Awareness Test #5 – Community Technical Assistance of New York (CTAC)


No Title

No Description

Rating: 9/10


I know it seems weird that I have selected such a high score for this self assessment test but allow me to explain my reasoning.

In this particular case, I am more interested in content than how glamorously it is presented.

What you see is a simple document. It contains questions that make you feel compelled to answer them, so it prompts you to download and answer them.

If you read the instructions, the author encourages you to share this same self assessment questionnaire and have 2 other people rate you.

The best way to know yourself better is to be assessed by those who know you, genuinely love you and want the very best for you, so do make sure that these are the individuals you choose.

This kind of test is brutally honest and will foster deep discussion, probably even an argument! Either way, it is a mental and emotional wake-up call, and if this is what you want, then this is the self-assessment test for you!


Self Awareness Test #5: 16 Personalities

Personality Types | 16Personalities

Personality Bites: The Types and Stress Eating What’s Wrong with Ferris Bueller? Rule Bending by Personality Type When in Rome: Which Personality Types Do as the Romans Do? The Perfectionism and the Turbulent Identity Waiting to Respond: Who Listens and Who Doesn’t During a Conversation

Rating: 10/10


Of the 10 self assessment tests I did, this one is the most comprehensive one I came across.

Its questions are very simple and straight-to-the-point but don’t be fooled by this. If you answer these questions diligently, it will reward you with a very detailed description of yourself.

When the results come in, you have the choice of either reading them there and then, or submitting your email address so it can be mailed to you to read at a later time for your convenience.

Depending on how you answer the questions, you will fall under one of 7 personality types:

  • The Inspector – ISTJ Personality.
  • The Counselor – INFJ Personality.
  • The Mastermind – INTJ Personality.
  • The Giver – ENFJ Personality.
  • The Provider – ESFJ Personality.
  • The Idealist – INFP Personality.
  • The Supervisor – ESTJ Personality.
  • The Visionary – ENTP Personality.

For each personality type, you are assessed on the following:

MIND – This trait determines how we interact with our environment.
ENERGY – This trait shows where we direct our mental energy.
NATURE – This trait determines how we make decisions and cope with emotions.
TACTICS – This trait reflects our approach to work, planning and decision-making.
and finally,
IDENTITY – This trait underpins all others, showing how confident we are in our abilities and decisions.
My suggestion is, print out your results and go read through them to get better insight about particular traits about yourself you are interested in.
In conclusion, a self-assessment test is not the holy grail, and the be all, end all of self knowledge. What it offers you is a glimpse into areas of yourself that you were not aware of or may not have understood that well.
I hope this article helps you find what you are looking for, and if there are any self assessment tests you would like to let me know about, please do send me the link so I can try them out!

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