What The Heck Is Wrong With You?


Absolutely Nothing Is Wrong With You!

It has been schooled, beaten and driven right inside of  too many of us, that our mistakes, failures and flaws are the sum total of who we are. This could not be further from the truth! How many times did your parents yell “What is wrong with you??” whenever you did or said something to aggravate them? It got to you. And it’s affecting how you see yourself, and how much you want to accomplish in your life.

On your way to greatness, there are certain beliefs you hold very close to you right now that you must replace:

1.  You are NOT your past!

You cannot move forward with your current life if your past is still decides how you shall live it. You cannot expect anything new in your life if it is filled with all kinds of old, useless baggage. You are making your life incredibly difficult for yourself when you want to make progress but are you are held down by the chains of the past. No, there is nothing wrong with you, but there is something wrong with how you choose to perceive things. It is time change this. Only then will you start seeing real results in your life.


2. Replace The Old School Tools.

Have you ever tried using a 20 year old computer to work on a project? It is the most frustrating thing ever! But many of us are still using old and outdated beliefs and strategies to find new successes. It will never, ever work. There’s already that old saying about insanity, doing the same things repeatedly and expecting success. You must be honest with yourself enough to know what is working and no longer working for you. Keep what does and throw out what doesn’t.

So if you want to start something new? A platinum piece of advise: Ask For Help!

Do not go about something new with the same old way of thinking, and even worse, alone! Get new resources to work with, talk to those who have found success doing what you want to do  and partner up with them or receive mentorship from them.


3. Away With The Self Torment!

Ok, so the last time it didn’t work, and it hurt badly. It was utterly embarrassing, or you lost money, or you faced a level of rejection that you never want to experience ever again. I understand. I’ve gone through all of this before. But if you really, really want to get yourself out of the predicament you are in, you have to start looking for what is going right in your life! Concentrate on what your strengths are,  because already know exactly what your weaknesses are. You’ve been harassing yourself with them for the past few decades!


Get yourself out of the mental slump you are in by improving the way you talk to yourself. We really like to exaggerate how badly off we are, when in reality we are actually doing a lot better than we give ourselves credit for.

Start being realistic about how you talk to yourself.

Let “I can’t do that again, I’m going to fail miserably!” turn into “I tried that a few years ago, but this is now. I have grown and learnt a lot from that. It is probably going to work out a lot better than I expect it to.”

Turn every exaggerated thought into one that is realistic and that will build you!


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