10 Critical Things You Must Do For Yourself Before 2019 Ends

10 Critical Things You Must Do For Yourself Before 2019 Ends

We all might have certain regrets about the things we could have done before the end of 2019 that we haven’t done so far.

Looking back, it is easy to kick yourself for the resolutions you promised yourself you’d fulfil but haven’t.

But you have to give yourself credit for coming this far. 

This hasn’t been an easy year, but somehow you have stood through difficult and heartbreaking circumstances. 

Acknowledge the wins you have achieved thus far… that in itself, shows your strength of character!

Thankfully, 2019 hasn’t ended yet! You can still redeem yourself and do


What To Focus On Before The Year Ends

You may actually feel discouraged and simply allow the year to end without getting much else done. 

“Besides, what’s a measly 3 months ?” you might ask yourself. But you would be surprised how much you can actually accomplish if you really make the decision to take action.

Focus on the things that really matter to you, and use them to push you to fulfill some of the goals you may have neglected. 

Whether it’s a nagging frustration, or simply something you’ve wanted to do for yourself, make the decision to go for it!

Use these motivators as your Push Factor to get something that you really care about scratched off your to-do list!

Here are some 10 things you can do for yourself before 2019 ends.

1. Take Stock Of What You Haven’t Accomplished

10 Critical Things You Must Do For Yourself Before 2019 Ends

Now this is not some form of shaming you in any way, so please don’t feel bad or guilty.

It’s wise to give yourself another chance and take a second look at the things you said you’d do this year but for one reason or another, haven’t gotten around to fulfilling.

Whether it was because of time constraints or other obligations, try to pick out the goals that were really important to you this year.

Did you want to:

– save some money? 

– read more this year?

– take up a healthy regiment?

– do something to further your career?

Or even do things to have more fun, relax and take time out for yourself? 

Whatever your goals were, take the time out to reflect on them and ask yourself how differently you would feel about yourself if you actually did one really important goal this year,

It might be a complete game changer for you.

2. Declutter Your Life!

10 Critical Things You Must Do For Yourself Before 2019 Ends

You may want to  do some cleaning up, whether literally or figuratively.

Assess who and what is holding you back from the life you want to live.

If you have been meaning to clean certain parts of your house that are a total mess, now is the time to do it!

If you know there are certain people in your life you have to let go of, now is the time to take action. 

Don’t let another day pass without fulfilling the promise you have made to yourself to organize yourself better, and do away with anything or anyone who clouds the clarity you need to live a more mentally and emotionally healthy existence.

3. Accomplish One Important Goal Before Year’s End

10 Critical Things You Must Do For Yourself Before 2019 Ends

If all else fails, focus on one thing, yes just one thing that has always been a high priority for you to do, and purpose to actually do it.

If fear is holding you back, always remember that if you allow it, fear will keep you back

If it is uncomfortable, understand that discomfort is a form of growth, and nothing ever really grows in your comfort zone.

Promise yourself that you will push yourself to get this crucial goal done, even if it means just setting up the plan to execute it. Just purpose to start somewhere!

Your future self will be thankful to you and reward you in ways that are far beyond your expectations.

4. Add One Helpful Habit Into Your Daily Routine

10 Critical Things You Must Do For Yourself Before 2019 Ends

Sometimes all you need is a tiny habit to change your entire life.

How much would you benefit from:

– drinking more water daily?

– waking up one hour earlier each day?

– meditating for 5-10 minutes in the morning or evening? (or both? yaayy!)

– creating a small to-do list and checking it off every day?

– dedicating an hour a day to a skill you want to improve on?

Imagine how significantly your life would change if you added a really helpful habit to your daily routine for the next 3 months! 

5. Get Your Health In Check

10 Critical Things You Must Do For Yourself Before 2019 Ends

Most of us have promised ourselves to go for a much needed check up but simply haven’t found the time. 

This is as good a time as any to set up an appointment with your doctor and get a physical done.  

You might just discover a potentially life threatening condition that, when caught early, can be easily treated.

The benefits to this are monumental and priceless, so don’t wait any longer. Ensure that you go for your medical check up before the end of 2019

6. Thank Those Who’ve Been There For You

10 Critical Things You Must Do For Yourself Before 2019 Ends

Good friends and family, people who truly love you and want to see you on top are truly priceless!

So for anyone who has supported you through a difficult time, offered you words to encourage you and offered their shoulder to lean on, take the time out to show them that you are thankful for how they have treated you when you needed it the most.

Send them thank you cards, call each one of them and thank them personally and make sure to reciprocate the love and support they have shown you.

7. Take A Solo Trip

10 Critical Things You Must Do For Yourself Before 2019 Ends

This doesn’t have to be an expensive treat. 

Take a weekend off and drive to your nearest city, town or county that happens to have beautiful terrain and facilities, spend a night or 2 in a nice hotel room or cottage and take the night to reconnect with yourself.

Ask a friend along, but if no one is available, don’t let hold you back. 

You deserve some much needed time to yourself, so if there is a way to ask your family friend to watch the kids for two nights, do just that!

The time is now my friend, there is no other time like the present.

8. Do One Thing You’re Afraid Of

10 Critical Things You Must Do For Yourself Before 2019 Ends

Dealing with rejection, looking small or stupid, and the overwhelming emotion of shame are the fundamental reasons most of us rarely pursue things outside of what we believe we are capable of or deserve.

It isn’t easy overcoming these emotions because they can trigger other experiences you may have gone through in your past that humiliated and discouraged you.

But sometimes, your cause has to be greater than your fear.

Sometimes you have to make the decision that you won’t let fear get in the way of your truest and deepest desires.


-ask for that raise,

– talk to that girl or guy you’ve been crushing on for months,

– ask your person who’s been with you through everything to marry you

– quit that job that has been giving you endless sleepless nights and massive anxiety

– Take that next big leap in the project you’ve been sitting on for too long

Time waits for no one, live with little to no regrets.

Do it now!

 9. Write Down Your Goals For The Next Year

10 Critical Things You Must Do For Yourself Before 2019 Ends

Next year, make the decision to only do things that really and truly matter to you!

Decide to stop making low level activities a priority. 

If you do not genuinely care about it, don’t do it.

But how in the world do you even start creating goals based on this principle?

– If family is more important to you than anything, then create goals that are focused on your spouse and your children

– If growth and learning are core values of yours, then your most important goals must deal with your growth, whether it is personal, financial, spiritual, health related, this is only up to you

– If being bold and courageous are deeply fundamental values in your life, then create goals that work towards those ideals, even if it means breaking rules you are bound by.

The only way you will fulfill the goals you set is when you truly care about them. Anything less than that, you will either not do, or have the motivation to keep doing at a certain point in your life.

So create goals that match  the things that really matter to you and will be of your highest priority next year.

10. Work Through A Deep Resentment Or Big Failure

10 Critical Things You Must Do For Yourself Before 2019 Ends

I’m sure some things did not work out the way you wanted to this year. 

It could be something you were working on, but fell flat on your face… or an opportunity that was snatched away from you, either by someone in a place of authority or unfortunate circumstances you could not control.

In these situations, it is easy to fall into a state of “learned helplessness”, where you believe that you can powerless to change the circumstances of your life.

You may be currently stuck in this state, wondering what you did wrong, where you went wrong and who may be to blame for the current outcome you are dealing with.

This is where your self-talk comes in.

While it is understandable that you are working through a terrible pain that you believe you or someone else has caused, it is important that you understand how detrimental dwelling in this state can be. 

It can cause far reaching mental and emotional repercussions that you may keep you stuck in permanent state of helplessness and a lack of hope for yourself and your future.

If you  want to start changing your mind state, start asking yourself the right questions. 

This brilliant article by Cleverism.com can actually help you work through critical, productive questions that can give you a new and compelling perspective in your life.

Some of them include:

 “Where do I want to be in the next 5 or 10 years?”

“Where will my life be in the next 5 or 10 years if I continue doing what I am doing today?”

“What is my Why?”

“What will my biggest regret be if I die tomorrow?”

Forcing yourself to think differently by presenting yourself with a new point of view can create a major paradigm shift in your life.

It can help you take more control of your life and slowly shake off the fixed mindset of regret, failure and resentment you are experiencing right now.

This is one step that can save you from going into the new year feeling stuck and demoralized.

It’s Never Too Late To Start… 2019 Is Not Over

Time may not be on our side, but there are still plenty of things you can do to make this year truly worthwhile.

Take some of the tips and suggestions on this article and make a point of applying at least one of them in your life.

Remember that you are always the one in full control of your life. Do yourself the honor of making better, more intentional choices for the next 3 months, and watch how significant the results will be!

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