5 Tell-Tale Signs Of Self Sabotage!

You know those days when you feel like you’ve been giving it all you’ve got for the past couple of weeks or months, and you feel like there is absolutely nobody to acknowledge your effort?  That’s the time that negative voice starts playing with your mind, seducing you into giving up altogether.

It starts innocently enough. You decide one day not to do as much for your goals as you had intended… you keep this up for a couple of days, until weeks go by and you end up doing so little, that you decide to give it all up altogether.

It doesn’t seem so bad when you let things go… it’s like no one around you even noticed that you stopped working on your dream! You quickly roll back into old habits and routines, and old ways of thinking.

We’ve all gone through this before. Some of us have successfully made it through, while many of us, including myself, have succumbed to the cunning of the negative mind.

You don’t want to find yourself right back in the arms of sabotage again, do you? If not, then watch out for these 4 signs:-

  1. You suddenly find yourself getting very distracted.
  2. You’re procrastination levels are at an all-time high!
  3. You start feeling like what you’re doing means absolutely nothing.
  4. You want to look for evidence around you that supports why you should quit (like opinions from people you would never ordinarily have asked for advice!)
  5. You start thinking that your life was so much better and easier before you took on what you now think is a colossal burden; far from the wonderful vision/purpose you once thought it was.

Constantly remind yourself that these are all lies! Keep telling yourself that you have a purpose, and right now, it is much greater than these negative feelings you have. You’re cause, you’re purpose, is much greater than you believe!