5 Ways To Take Consistent Action (No Matter What!)

Do me a favour: don’t ever tell yourself that you are not consistent!

You consistently wake up every morning, prepare for work, if you have a family, get the kids ready for school, etc. You consistently go through your daily routines at work, during the week, and errands during the weekend. Even if you’re always late, you’re consistent at it! So you can’t use that excuse anymore.

Why aren’t you applying that same level of consistency to becoming great? Well, it’s for one reason: being excellent, being truly great is an option for you. It is not a must, like making sure your child is picked up every day from school, or making sure you’re at work by a certain time every single morning.

We are consistently average. Consistently average parent, consistently average worker, consistently average spouse, friend… we are very, very good at consistent mediocrity, aren’t we?

See where I’m going with this? Being consistent with what will make you greater must become a MUST, not an option. How can you achieve this? I offer 5 ways!

1. Make The Decision To Be Great!

Deceptively simple, I know, but when you consistently make the decision that you are going to be better than who and where you are right now, your mind starts to listen. Give your mind that command. Make the decision that this year you are going to be fully committed to something that is really important to you. This is powerful. Do it, say it out loud to yourself, consistently!


2. Identify Your Push Factors

From here on out, this is a writing exercise. Note these down and answer them sincerely and passionately: What is going to keep pushing me to be consistent? Why am I committed to this endeavor? Why is it so important to me? What is the result I am committed to getting?

I want you to write these down and keep them for yourself, because this is what is going to push you when you are going through those bad days!


3. Set A Very, Very Specific Plan and Routine

Set out, the specific actitivites and times you are going to carry out your “Greatness Project.” Make sure that these times are the same. Get yourself a calendar, or a journal, and mark it as an event that you must carry out. Create a very specific, timely and coordinated routine for yourself so that your brain can latch on to it and make it a habit.


4. Stick To The Plan!

Don’t do something today morning, then skip tomorrow and continue with it in the afternoon, 2 days later. There is no consistency there. Creating a specific, regular and reliable routine is something that your mind will start to get used to, and eventually, consistency will become a habit. When all else fails, refer to step 2. Remember why you are doing this. Remember your push factors!


5. Appreciate Your Efforts.

Pat yourself on the back when you follow through on your activities. No matter how small it is, the feeling of self-appreciation and self-confidence really strengthens when you happily acknowledge your accomplishments, no matter how small they are!

So go ahead, make your day!


I hope this article is helps you strategize better on how to be consistent. What strategies do you use to remain consistent? Comment below and let me know. I’d love your feedback!

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