6 Limiting Beliefs That Are Blocking Your Success

Limiting Beliefs

Each one of us possess limiting beliefs, in certain areas of our lives, that are crippling us from becoming better, grander versions of who we are right now.

There is nobody holding us back but us, and the truth is, we are doing a brilliant job at keeping it this way.

There is a lot of toxic programming and conditioning we have inside of us, which has translated in our belief system, which is effectively destroying our chances of opening the doors to true success and happiness in our lives.

The following are 6 of the countless limiting beliefs statements we have stored and memorized.

  1. “I don’t deserve it.”

There lies inside many of us, false programming and conditioning, especially as children, where we were constantly let down, neglected or even abused, that has us convinced us that as a result of this, something must be wrong with us, and that we do not deserve good in our lives.

And if too much good does come, then we convince ourselves that it is all too good, and something bad has to follow soon.

The problem with feeling that you do not deserve the successes that can come into your life, or you refuse to pursue an opportunity that has sat on your lap, is that you close the door completely not only on these present opportunities, but you close the door on any future opportunities or successes that can potentially come our way.

  1. “I do not want to be different.”

Too many of us want to fit in to the status quo.

We do not like to rock the boat too much, or even want to question how things are in our lives. We have a fear of looking stupid around other people when we make the bold step to think and act differently from what would be considered normal.

The idea of stepping out and trailing one’s own path scares the living daylights out of us. We do not want to test the waters, or try anything new, for fear of “looking different”.

This is the kind of limiting belief that keeps us from ever showing our true genius.

Success comes from making a bold decision to walk the other way, beat your own path and find your own definition of yourself and success.

  1. “I will become a target of criticism.”

This is such a great, and limiting belief in many of us.

We cannot stand the idea of anyone opposing something we do, and because of this, we stay away from ever pursuing something greater than ourselves, out of fear that we will be potentially at the receiving end of criticism.

Here’s the thing: even if you do become a target, (which by the way, you will become anyway if you pursue something unusual, or very novel) will the criticism kill you?

A famous quote by Marcus Aurelius goes: Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.

This may not have occurred to you before, but anyone who criticizes you is merely projecting their own fears and irrationalities on you.

So in the end, the criticism and ridicule will die down, and these people will find something new to project their fears on, once they realize that you are not budging!

  1. “I cannot deal with rejection.”

This is one of those limiting beliefs that has caused too many of us to abandon a goal at the first sight of a hurdle!

Rejection is something you must deal with.

It comes with the territory of a success mindset.

There are a lot of people in our lives we feel so obligated to.

We end up not pursuing a goal at all because of we believe that if our friends or some family members hear about it, “they won’t handle it, and I can’t handle losing them.”

We seem more invested in our relationships with certain people in our lives than we are our own success. Some people truly are crabs in a bucket.

They will either deliberately or unknowingly make you afraid of wanting to pursue your goals and dreams because they are so far from who they are or what they could ever imagine, that you end up sacrificing your dreams for them. It is unfortunate, but very true.

If your friends cannot handle your ambition, then they do not deserve to be in your circle. Surround yourself with those who will lift you up, not keep pulling you down with them, so that you can remain nice and warm in your bucket together.

  1. “Good things never last!”

We seem not to believe that anything we create that is good is sustainable. If this is the case, why do we get married? Do we not want our marriages to last? Why do we have children?

Do we not want them to not only survive, but thrive and grow up to be successful and independent? I remember this show, “One Tree Hill” where some pitiful blonde girl would keep ranting in her self-pity about how nobody she ever loved ever stayed.

They all seemed to run away. And as sure as the sun sets, the people she encountered that she loved always left her somehow.

The truth is that we are powerful beings.

We speak things into existence.

Your success will last if you proclaim in your heart and mind that it will. Stop using your past to determine how well or how badly you will do in your future.

If things did not work out for you then, it is by no means a reflection of what is to come for you. Not by a long-shot! Good things do last! You can have your success, and keep it too!

  1. “I have too many flaws!”

Who do people know you as? And are you so invested in what people know you to be that it keeps you from being who you really are? Many of us have wonderful, innate talents that we do not want others to know about.

We seem to be too concerned with our reputation, and how people perceive us, than we are our goals and our progress.

We are flawed human beings. Nobody is perfect. Yes there are people who share the same talent as you, who are probably doing some really awesome things with it, but it should never, ever stop you from pursuing and perfecting your own gift. Even if someone in your life tells you how good you are at something, you still go out of your way to convince them that you are not what they think you are, and that you can never do it as well as they think you could.

We convinced ourselves a long time ago that we are not good enough because of our imperfections, and this is yet another powerful hindrance to the success we truly deserve.

This article barely scratches the surface about the factors that keep us from discovering true success and happiness. But what matters is that we begin to notice what is limiting us, question it and decide to move forward.

As we move along, we discover that many of our fears are truly illusions; limiting beliefs that hinder who we really are and what we truly deserve.

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