6 Reasons Why You Still Feel Stuck In Life


You know you are officially stuck when you feel like, year after year, you are going through the same motions, and you are seeing very little difference in your life. Here’s the truth: if nothing changes… then nothing changes.

Here are the 8 reasons why nothing seems to be changing, and you are still feeling stuck!


1.     You Don’t Give Yourself Any Credit!

One of the most damaging things we do to ourselves everyday is not allowing ourselves the same compassion, kindness and love that we give to others. To get unstuck it will mean supporting you more and not being so harsh on you. These days I wince when I see people update their Facebook statuses or tweet about how dumb or stupid they are because they haven’t done something they were supposed to do. Seriously, who do you think you are talking to? That doesn’t help you at all! Pay yourself some respect and dignity. Stop berating the fact that you are human and you make mistakes.


 2.    Fear Is Your Master

Let nobody fool you; fear isn’t going anywhere. But it is manageable. There are many things I have done this year that I refused to do, because of the lies I let fear have me believe. Be rational. Always remember that fear will blow situations completely out of proportion, and because of this, you will have to sit down with the thing that scares you the most and analyse it rationally and as honestly as possible. If what scares you is something you have to do in order to get to a better place, then talk yourself out of your fear, and get it done. It is the best thing you can ever do for yourself!


 3.    The Blame Game!

I won’t get into any definitions here. We all have done it and many continue to blame others for where they are in life. We mistreat those close to us, as if they are the reason our lives suck. We do terribly at our jobs when we are the ones who signed up for them. No one put a gun to your head and forced you to work there. You may say you had no choice, but every circumstance has a choice. Don’t lie to yourself.  You are where you are because of the decisions and choices you have made. If you want your life to take off, then it is time to take responsibility for where you are right now. No more pointing fingers. Make the changes you need to make, and the first one will be to own your life!

 4.    You Don’t Finish What You Start!

Congratulations for starting in the first place! Many can’t actually say that they took the first step in embarking on a new activity or project. The problem comes in when you have to maintain your stamina. Here’s the thing: the project you have started is going to get challenging at a particular point. It will feel tedious, tiring, intimidating, it may put you in some very uncomfortable emotional spots, but quitting is the worst disservice you can do for yourself. You have to keep going. How? The reward you seek must be much bigger than the fear or fatigue you are going to feel. You must find a compelling reason why you are doing what you are doing. I call it the Push Factor. You must find your own. You will need it when nobody is around to cheer you on, the chips are down and the heat is on. Every single day, remind yourself of how much more you will reap when you actually finish what you start!


 5.    No New Friends, Same Old Friends.

On your way to getting unstuck, the dynamics of your relationships are going to change; be prepared for this. There will be many casualties and your friends are those casualties. Many of them will be anyway. Your friends are not going to change their habits and beliefs simply because you want to change yours. Some people, like my sister, are very lucky. She has an incredibly supportive circle of friends, but I suspect it is because they are all ambitious and have fulfilled many of the goals they wanted to achieve, and so has she. You need to surround yourself with people who are willing to support your goals. Even if you find one person, then let that one person have greater presence in your life than anybody else. You will find, as you move along, that anybody who does not align with your ideals will slowly start to disappear, and new friends, friends who think and feel the way you do will come into your life. Then your momentum will gain so much force, you will not believe the results you will achieve!


6.    Paralysis by Analysis!

Stop over-thinking yourself into stagnation! Here are a few pointers to help you:

a)    There is no such thing as the right time!

b)    No, it is not too late for you!

c)     Yes, you know enough to start!

d)    There will never be enough money to do it!

e)    You don’t have to know the right people to start!

f)      Start where you stand! No matter how insignificant it may feel!

And lastly, stop asking the wrong people for advice! Anybody who has never done what you want to do is the worst person to seek guidance from!

I hope this article helps you to understand what may be keeping you stuck! We have a new year ahead of us to achieve the things we really want to, and it really can happen. If we give ourselves the chance! Transform your life, by transforming your mind first!





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