8 Strategies To Conquer The Monday Blues!

I know I’m supposed to be this ultimate motivator, and talk about how Monday is meant to be a beautiful, fresh start and a chance to make this week magnificent, but the reality for many of us is that Mondays suck!

Monday seems to be a reminder of everything that is absolutely NOT good in our lives:

  • The horrible boss in the dead end job,
  • The fact that nothing much has changed and you’re simply starting the week to do the same things and feel the same feelings over again,
  • The dreadful reminder that yet another week has past and that thing you were supposed to do (taxes, a favour, a project deadline) is waaaaayyyy past its due date!

Indeed, Mondays are a significant cause of anxiety and despair for far too many of us in employment. Perhaps you have found awesome company in this boat of misery that you sit in, perching yourself comfortably with the rest of the whiners, complaining away with your co-workers, and family friends, posting passive aggressive or downright mad-as-heck posts on social media about how awful your life is, and it’s all because of MONDAY!

It has made us slaves to a collective societal thinking that all we want to do is wait for Fridays. The problem with this is that while Fridays do come and we welcome Saturdays with open arms and tears of joy, Sundays will arrive as well and make way for “them Manic Mondays”!

But – my dear lads and lasses in utter grief and sorrow – there are several solutions to your Monday Melancholy. I offer 8. Some may be bitter, like that medicine you absolutely loathe taking but you know is the ultimate remedy for your ills, but when practiced consistently enough, will make your Mondays more bearable for you, and ultimately, a day to somewhat look forward to!



If you continue to resign yourself to the hope that somehow, somewhere, life is going to take care of itself for you and you will somehow skate through the frustrations of what you are going through right now, but trust me, absolutely NOTHING is going to change for the better for you. A complacent attitude about your life will only make the circumstances worse. Life is not a rehearsal, and no one owes you anything. It’s time to start owning every choice you have made thus far and start making better quality choices, and that begins with thinking better quality thoughts. Own your circumstances and change them.



The most comforting thing is finding someone, even better, several people who relate to your struggle. It is so easy to sit and complain with them about everything that is wrong. It ends up being a case of “The Contest Of The Most Verbal Diarrhoea” between you and your long suffering colleagues.  It provides a lot of relief, but it is very temporary. Bitching about something not working does not mean the problem has been solved. So my suggestion is, figure out what exactly the problem is and work on changing it for YOUR own good. Do not remain disgruntled and resentful, because your bitterness will not only grow exponentially, but you will remain stagnant in that situation.



It’s going to make you feel instantly better to take out a piece of paper and plan out how you are going to leave your unhappy job, or change careers into something that will be more fulfilling to you. Having said that, it is also easy to throw away that piece of paper and dismiss your plans as whims of fantasy. What you need, my friend, is a Push Factor! Are you sick of where you are? Then use that as a burning motivator to DO something about your situation! Your cause has to be greater than your fears!


Monday mornings are the most difficult and anxiety filled days of the week! Therefore, it does not help you to walk into a Monday morning with no game plan!In fact, an unplanned Monday makes for an unplanned week, and if this is the case, you might as well throw away the whole week because almost NOTHING will get done, or done properly for that matter! Spend 20 minutes of your Sunday figuring out what you want to do with Monday. Stop pretending that the day does not exist. You might as well embrace the fact that it’s coming and be prepared for it!



Sleep earlier so that you can wake up well rested. If you do not like Mondays AT ALL then pamper yourself on Sunday evening. Stop all caffeine and alcohol intake after 5pm and simply relax your mind and body. Ease into your evening with as less strain as you can. I realize this is far easier said than done when you have children, but do your best to take care of you on Sunday. Make some Sunday rules for your kids if you must, because it will be much better to make Sunday a R & R day for you!



If it is possible, try not to heap too much on yourself on a Monday. Plan for a few tasks, usually those that are of highest priority to your company and deal with those. No need to stress yourself too much!



Even in my most stressful job, I could walk right out of the building and take a short walk, take in some sun and contemplate certain things. If this is almost impossible for you, then walk up to a colleague that you like and talk briefly with them. Just blow off some steam! Don’t fall into the trap of your conversation turning very negative and bringing up feelings of anger and resentment. Just keep it light and enjoy the conversation. Connecting with another human being always helps redirect certain internal energies, especially when talking to someone you like.



Be truly and sincerely thankful that you have the means to pay your bills, put your children through school, a roof over your head and that you can afford to take care of yourself and your family, if anything! There are so many people around you who are praying for the situation that you loathe right now. Heck, there was a time YOU were praying for your current situation! How quickly we forget! Remind yourself of the blessings in your life, over and over again if you must. It’s so easy to lose sight and focus of what really, truly matters. Stop and smell the roses, as they say. It is a wonderful attitude to maintain, because the more you focus on what’s good, the more it will come to you.


Mondays do not have to be a monstrosity. Just a bit of planning and awareness of it can make it a lot more bearable, and maybe, just maybe, happier!

So how about you? How do YOU manage your Monday blues? Comment below and let me know what your tips and tricks are!










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