Maybe It’s Time To Have A Better Relationship With Your Problems

the best way out of a proble

I am at a point in my life where I know I am headed into a new chapter. Actually I’m right in the middle of it! Now while I know that I have had my work cut out for me for quite some time, it is only when one gets into the thick of things that you really start to understand how much work one actually has to do.

I foresee me having many, many problems to do with business and branding, far more and even more complex than what I have faced since December. This year has been about testing the waters and jumping in!

And now that I’m in, and I see all the proverbial snakes and crocs in the lake…

It sounds just as it is; scary, intimidating, worried that I will be eaten alive… but I’d rather jump in, swim, get bitten, hurt, fight, sweat, shed some blood, and do whatever I have to and get on the other side.

I now understand why most of us do not follow through on the projects we start. The road gets tough, problems pile up, we freak out, get frustrated, intimidated, scared half to death and then we bail!
If you’re anything like me, you wish for the simpler days when you could spend your evenings after work watching one series after another till you went to bed to start the work cycle again the next day.
(Correction: I used to feel that way!)

The thing is, we really shouldn’t be wishing for our problems to go away.



Problems force us to be more creative, to look at situations from new angles, to step outside of the place the problem was created and move into a new mental and emotional space where the problem can be solved.
I realize now, as I learn more and more, and as I get myself more involved in my brand that I have to get cosy with all the problems that will come along. I have given myself no other choice.

I have moved so far past the comfort of quitting that I actually get scared by the idea of not trying. I know if I don’t try:
1. Nothing will change
2. I will never grow
3. I will never know what it would be like to live on the other side of fear.

So if you are in a self-induced situation right now, e.g. you are now a brand new entrepreneur, you willingly moved to a brand new location, you moved from a job you worked in for years to a totally different environment, etc., I ask you to fully embrace your circumstances because:
1. You will find courage inside you that you never knew existed
2. You will discover abilities that lay hidden in you that could only come alive because of the problems you are facing, and your decision to work through them
3. Your confidence soars, and not in an arrogant way, unless you want to go down the ego route.
4. You will develop a deep respect and love for yourself because you start to discover how absolutely brilliant you really are

One day, you will thank your lucky stars that you took the leap and made all the changes you did, no matter how difficult it may have seemed in the beginning, and even in the middle.

…maybe also towards the end, but you know what I mean!

But seriously. Do not run away from your problems, your challenges, your issues. They are actually your best friends disguised as perpetrators of pain, anguish, frustration and even boredom.
Don’t run away. Work with them. Soon, those problems will turn into gateways.