About Me…

Back in 2013 I was sitting in my car, traffic getting on my last nerve.

As I sat there in the sweltering heat on a Friday afternoon, I decided to simply think about where my life was going.

I was not happy… not in the least bit.

I felt like I had spent so many years in a space of familiarity and comfort.

Yes, on the outside, everything was fine.

Being finally employed, finding real stability in my life after years of internal struggle helped establish a level of confidence and independence in me.

…but I wanted to be and do more.

And this is how Push Factor was created.


You may be seeking happiness, peace of mind.

You may be seeking ways to deal with your current anxieties and negative thinking that constantly bombard you.

This website is a space for you to get ideas that will uplift, encourage, inspire and motivate you to become better than the person you were yesterday.


Questions, comments or any queries? Email me at info@yourpushfactor.com


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