Are You An Unsupervised Child?

Yeah I said it. Many of us are tall, hairy, unsupervised children who dress well and don’t make a lot of noise… unless we are intoxicated.

Think about it. So much of our life is monitored. We don’t have free reign over our time, because we have a boss who expects us to be at work every weekday at a certain day. We get home, and we have our respective duties, to our wives or husbands, to our children, to the debt and tax collectors and banks, you name it! We spend almost every waking day paying the piper in some way or another.

So isn’t it no wonder that you just want to let loose on a Friday?

For a couple of hours, you don’t have to think about any of that stuff.  It really is a case of the mice having a ball because the The Big Boss Cat is away. You throw all your obligations in a messy pile in the darkest corner of your brain, and overindulge in anything that will take your mind off the every day hassle and hustle of the world and its demands, if only for that little time the weekend has to offer: (But I can’t say the same for young parents… I have seen your situation. Le sigh.)

So this is our life: we were told this is the way it is, and we do it, because we have to do it, and when we are set free to our own devices, we really go beserk. We seem to be living on everybody else’s terms but our own, and this is why so many of us are miserable, angry, frustrated or addicted to something, because deep down inside, we know we are not living… we are simply existing, and waiting to die.

Let’s no longer do this to ourselves. Let us not live our lives on other people’s terms.

You may ask:

“How can I live life on my terms, when I have a family to feed, and bills that have piled right up to my neck?”

You start by taking control of each day you have been given.

Un-plug from work colleagues who think life is one huge drag 

Stop spending your days watching every conceivable series on TV and unplugging from the reality that is your life

For the love of life, please do not watch, listen and read every headline on the News. There is a difference between being in the know and obliterating your senses with negative information.


Nourish Your Soul!

Sign up to websites like, download the app on your phone or tablet, and listen to an audio book that inspires and motivates you.

Go to Youtube for the right reasons: watch an inspiring Ted Talk, subscribe to channels like ET The Hip Hop Preacher, MateusZ, watch inspiring videos by wonderful people like Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Maya Angelou, Bob Proctor, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louis L. Hay, Les Brown (please listen to Hay House Radio!)

Become consciously and actively involved in changing the way you think, because changing your thoughts change the way you see your circumstances, which then allow you to see opportunities that you can grab and run with.

But it starts with you doing the work every day!

Take walks, go on long drives, commune with nature, spend quality time with people that you truly love and be in the present moment with them, listen and enjoy good music.

Whatever it is, please just get up and live! Stop holding on to this horrible notion that until your life circumstances change, then, and only then will you allow yourself some semblance of happiness, because you will never ever be happy.

You will also never ever feel successful if you feel that you need to be a little more qualified, or a little more intelligent, or a little more confident. It does not work that way. You act NOW! Because NOW is all we have, capiche?

This has been a Push Factor message, and I fully approve. I hope you do too! You can certainly comment below and let me know what your thoughts are on this year, and what you are up to!