Are You Ready? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions!

being authentic and courageous

Last Monday afternoon, which was a gorgeous day I might add, I had a long lunch with a good friend of mine. We spoke extensively because we hadn’t spoken in close to 3 years. I spent most of the conversation in silence, listening to my friend speak such profound words of wisdom that I consciously decided to take in as much of what she was saying as possible.

I left that conversation feeling moved inside. It forced me to re-think my website Push Factor and the direction it was taking. After spending last week mulling over what she said, I drew a very clear conclusion: when you have figured out what your Push Factor is in your life, that big emotional, motivational driving force that you have internalized, which will compel you to take on your vision, your goal, your purpose, there are 3 very important questions you must ask yourself. These are:


  1. 1.     Am I ready to be 100% authentic with myself?
  2. 2.     Am I willing to be courageous?
  3. 3.     Am I prepared to support myself through this journey?


 So let me break it down for you.

Am I ready to be 100% authentic with myself?

Many of us are giving up on our vision because we do not understand that it takes a lot more internal stamina than we would like to believe. We do not want to be honest with our current situation. We do not want to take responsibility and come face to face with where we are at right now. Maybe it is too painful to look at because you feel like after all these years, you haven’t gotten as far as you would have liked.

The reality stares back at you. And it makes you feel pathetic. So you choose to lie to yourself. It is easier to make a bed for, and lay with our excuses than stare them squarely in the face and tackle them. That is why you haven’t started yet. You’re not willing to be completely honest with yourself.

But when you truly decide to take on your biggest challenge, this is the very first question you must internalize : Are You Willing To Be 100% Authentic With Yourself?


Am I willing to be courageous?

My mother reminded me of something that I will never forget. She told me that you cannot be truly happy if you are not courageous. By this, she meant having the courage to go for that which is yours, because you have looked around, and you have realized that the life you are currently living will lead you to a dead end. Living in fear means living within exaggerated boundaries of the potential dangers and pitfalls of what is out there. Fear gives us the perfect reason why we should never have big dreams, why we should never have the audacity to claim our destiny, and dare greatly. Courage is the key to happiness. Courage is the ingredient within your Push Factor that will take you to heights you have only seen in your dreams. So I ask you, Are You Willing To Be Courageous?


Am I Prepared To Support Myself Through This Journey?

I always hear celebrities say, “it’s lonely at the top”. From where I sit, all I see is recognition, admiration and screaming fans who hang on to their every tweet, Instagram pic and candid photo posted on whatever gossip blog. They should all come clean and admit that the journey is what was the loneliest.

When you pursue something that truly matters to you, I mean when you really commit and dedicate yourself to this vision you have created that you want to fulfil, hardly anyone around you is going to get it. The initial excitement and enthusiasm wears out quickly, and you soon realize that many times, you are going to be in it alone. No pomp and fair, nobody to cheer you on. The only thing that stands true is your will to keep it the fire burning inside you, and this is why you need a very compelling push factor, a strong why to look back at to remind yourself of why you are choosing to wake up every single morning, remaining committed to your cause. What no one tells us is that there is a lot of emotional and mental programming that works against us. The old, rusty tools can no longer be used to build this new house. You must create a self-support system to cushion you against the daily setbacks, the adversities, the days when you have high hopes for something happening, but day in and day out, that something does not come through.  And so I ask you, Are You Prepared To Support Yourself Through This Journey?

While what I have written may make you feel uncomfortable, make no mistake: pursuing our highest vision, our deepest purpose is what we were born to do. It is ultimately what we came here for.

Question: What did you think of this article? I would love to know what your sentiments are, so go ahead and comment below. I encourage feedback and dialogue because it is the best way through personal growth. Thanks in advance!

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