This 30 Day Mind Transformation Challenge Can Completely Change Your Life

Change Your Life

By reading this post and following it to the letter, you will learn exactly how you can change your life completely within the next 30 days.  

As I write this post, we officially have exactly 170 days left in 2019

That’s 25 weeks plus 1 day left until this year ends.

Now let’s get very candid with ourselves for a minute.

From January 1st to date, how much progress are you genuinely proud of making thus far?

Did you make any life altering decisions that have changed or are changing the course of your life for the better?

Are you experiencing any noticeable results from the intentions you set out to do or become when this year began?

Or does your 2019 look exactly like it did in 2018?

Meaning nothing much has changed but the ages of you and those around you and your attitude, behavior and choices have remained pretty much exactly the same as they always have.

If you are keen on making the next 6 months really matter to you, I suggest you follow these really powerful steps to make real change within the next 30 days!

Change your life

The 30 Day Mind Transformation Challenge

1. Write Down Your Current Reality

You will write your current reality in as clear and brutal a light as possible!

Really feel the anxiety, the anger, the fear, the regret of how much time you have wasted, the things you have chosen to focus on that are completely useless in your life, and the people who you know have added very little to no value in it.

2. Write Down The Reality That You Do Want

Now write an equally clear, brilliant and focused reality of what your life will look like when you choose to focus your time, energy and resources on the people and things you know truly matter to you, 

- Who do you need to become to accomplish this reality?

- How will the results of your goal change your self confidence and belief in yourself?

- Whose life will it also impact when you make these incredibly positive changes?

3.  Set a very specific goal for yourself and the outcome you want within the next 30 days.

If you do not know exactly what goal you want to accomplish, then zero in on the one habit/behavior/routine you do that distracts you, has absolutely no added value in your life and takes up more of your time, energy and resources than it is supposed to!

 When you have set this goal, remind yourself of it and review it every single morning at a very specific time without fail.

4. Create A Sacred Morning Routine (No Matter How Simple)

How you start your day will dictate how the rest of it will go! 

Get up an hour earlier if you have to and dedicate your time to that goal we talked about in #3.

Read it out loud several times and picture what milestone you have to do in order to grow one step closer to achieving it.

If this is the only thing you do every morning, then you have done more than enough.

5. Move As Much As You Can

Do a physical activity to move your body no matter how simple it may be, also at a very specific time in your day  when you are free. (Walk, dance, jog, cycle, yoga)

6. Completely change what you watch, read and listen to.

Block out the unnecessary stuff that you know for sure is completely useless and decide to flood your brain with audios that motivate you, videos that inspire you to action and books that feed your mind.

7. Become Very Aware of Your Most Destructive Behavior

You already know the things you run to for immediate gratification.

Observe the habits you fall into on a daily basis that will distract and deraily you during this sacred 30 day challenge.

Discover the triggers within you and times when you are most vulnerable and use what you are learning to interrupt those patterns. 

8. Get An Accountability Partner.

You may not have the discipline to follow through on this challenge by yourself and that is Okay.  

If you can, hire a coach. Make sure there is someone in your ear on a regular basis who is keeping you focused on your goals and objectives for the next 30 days

Ensure that this person knows your strengths and weaknesses, can help you capitalize on what you are good at, and can help you with solutions on how to work with your weaknesses.

9. Monitor Your Progress

Every single day you accomplish your goal is a win. Highlight it, write it down, tell your accountability partner, coach and everyone else around you about the changes you are experiencing. The idea here is to make it REAL in your mind so that it may be real on the outside as well.

10. Whatever You Do, Don't Give Up On Yourself

During your 30 day period, there will be times you won't want to do anything. 

You will fall back into your old behaviors and habits because they are comfortable and familiar. 

But you have to understand that you can no longer rely on the old you to make decisions the new you should be in control over. 

Remember that the old you has no intention for you to move away from what you have always known, but always remind yourself of the goal you have set out for yourself!

Focus on what you want to achieve at the end of the 30 days, which is incredible momentum to take you through the next 6 months!

When you are driven back into old habits, forgive yourself and get back up and give yourself another chance, and another chance and another after that.