Here’s Why You MUST Choose Yourself!

choose yourself

When you decide to choose yourself, you will be questioned for it.

choose yourself

Your spouse will ask you why you are chasing dreams that don’t matter.

Your colleagues will think you’re crazy for leaving your job.

On your journey to your highest purpose, almost everyone will desert you.

And this will be your greatest test of resilience.

When absolutely nobody cares about what you are doing,

When you are the only one waking up at odd hours to work at your craft,

When, for months on end, you see no end to the darkness you are in,

When there is no feedback, when there are no returns,

Are you still going to work at your goals?

Does it really matter to you as much as you thought at the beginning?

Are you still going to choose yourself?

choose yourself


Well then remind yourself of why you are doing it!

Maybe there is someone out there who may not be as strong as you.

Maybe you are the only person with the right message for the right person,

Maybe you will completely change someone else’s life through your actions,


Maybe, just maybe, all of the pain and suffering you are going through

…is worth struggling through.


It hasn’t occured to you that it is building a force within you that will never be broken,

If you can find a reason, each day to keep going at your dream, to keep focus on your goal,

Then the person you are building will become an unstoppable force of nature,

A being that you never thought could exist inside you, has become YOU.


So suffer now.

Suffer the pain, suffer the loneliness.

Struggle through the rejection, even the humiliation.

Let society punish you for what they do not understand.

It is making you stronger, wiser and more patient with yourself.

choose yourself

On this journey of choosing yourself, I ask you not to be bitter about those who leave you.

Forgive them, for they do not understand you.

Also forgive them, for they have tried and have lost, and in their minds, you cannot do it because they couldn’t

Choose yourself even when other people who have gone much further than you, see your plans and tell you outright that you cannot make it.

They do not know your dreams or your goals.

They do not understand your destiny.

There are only two entities that know where your headed: you and God. No one else.

So when opportunities present themselves, always remember that THAT is God showing them to you.

Your job is to say yes to them… choose them, because when you choose to follow those opportunities, you shall be choosing yourself.

This will be the most difficult journey that you willingly choose to undertake.

It is not for the faint hearted.

But if you are reading this and feel the emotion from these words emanate through you, then this journey is meant for you to start!

None of what you plan to do will be in vain.

Soon, your wings will be ready.

And You Will Fly… but you have to choose yourself first!




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