Dealing With The Fear Of Creating Your Own Brand

The scariest thing I ever did was start my brand, Push Factor. I knew what I wanted, but I had no idea how I was going to pull it off. I was scared out of my mind, and if it wasn’t for Tim, the brand strategist extraordinaire who helped me create my brand, I would never, ever have started.

I was filled with so much doubt, that most of the time, I had to lean on Tim’s undying belief in me to build my own belief in myself. This was those moments where I had no choice but dive in the deep ocean of

I have said this before in articles I have written, but I truly had no idea how it would be received. Actually I was very naïve. My initial thoughts were that as soon as I put up the website, people would read it, see how much of a fraud I was and comment on how much of a crappy site it was. I wasn’t prepared for the fact that nobody visited the site at all! In spite of the fact that I had created my brand page on Facebook letting people know that I had posted my first article on my website. I took a look at the Google Analytics board that week and it was flatlined. Nothing, no one, zilch.


I wrote that to make the point that there are many strong negative emotions you are going to face, but no matter what, there is only one way you are going to conquer your fear:



Yes, that is it. Starting. With all your flaws, and the limited knowledge you have, and your many worries, you have to set those aside and simply start.

Starting will take you on a journey. Putting yourself out there in front of the world means, more than anything, that you start to understand yourself better. Why? Because you are exposed. Being exposed brings out the absolute best, but also the very worst in you, and all of this is a good thing. This experience has changed me completely, because more than ever in my life, I feel the need to remain consistent and keep going. I know that this is a process, and it may be very slow, but the growth is happening in ways that have given me an incredible resolve to grow and evolve and to never quit on something that means the world to me.

I hope the same for you, because if you are looking for rapid growth, it will only happen when you are constantly doing things that scare, daunt and challenge you. Remaining where you are and staying 100% with zero risk means that the project, business or brand you want to start will never become a reality. At some point, you will have to step out.

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