Easy Money Will Ruin You And Here’s Why

easy money

Easy money is a drug…

… a crippling, debilitating, emotionally paralyzing drug!

And if you have no discipline, it will suck you in and take your soul with it.

Now let’s make one thing clear. Money itself is not evil.

Money, like any other resource, is a tool – a very powerful tool – and how you choose to use it, especially when it comes in droves will either build you or ruin you.

Take for example my country Kenya.

In the past year, I have seen a massive boom in betting platforms where young people are able to make fast, quick, easy money.

About a week ago, I was talking to to an acquaintance who told me she had made $200 that day from betting.

She tells me that on average, she makes around $2,000 a month from sitting in front of her laptop placing bets.

There is HUGE money to be made in these betting platforms, and even though the acquaintance wanted to show me some of his strategies, something just didn’t sit right with me.

It would make no sense for me to sit in front of my monitor the entire day, every day trying that stuff out… it’s just not in me.

But then again, if I was presented with this same opportunity 10 years ago, I’d probably be sitting at an internet café somewhere downtown from 8 in the morning till 6 in the evening every single day figuring out how to make the most money I could get my virtual paws on!

Here’s the biggest problem we are facing as a country…

…at the moment, Kenyan youth are the number  1 betters in Africa.

Yes, in the whole of Africa, we are the champions when it comes to betting.

But again, what would one expect when statistically, 1 in every 6 young Kenyans are unemployed?

When young people are idle, they will do whatever they can to earn an income, and sadly, majority of these opportunities do absolutely nothing to build you as a person.

I am lucky.

I have fantastic parents who made insane sacrifices to raise me and my siblings comfortably, where all I had to do was study and worry about nothing else.

As a younger person I admit I was a total knuckle-head.

Who likes being lectured about the value of discipline and hard work? I certainly didn’t!

When I was old enough to talk back without being caned, I would roll my eyes at my mother and say “yeah whatever Mum..” and walk away even while she was talking!

Now that I am older, and she doesn’t have to lecture me anymore.

I see the value of the years of hard work, sacrifice and discipline they had to establish what they have right now, and boy do I admire and respect what they built from absolutely nothing.

My mother told me something I will never ever ever forget. She said:

“It does not matter whether you make 1,000 or 100,000 or 1,000,000 a month, what matters is what you do with that money.”

Earning money through discipline, focus and possessing the ability to build from nothing to something, creates tremendous character.

Easy money will not advance you in any way.

easy money
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  • It does nothing more than make you lust after it.
  • It cripples your ability to delay gratification.
  • You will always live beyond your means and can collect massive debt
  • You cannot cultivate real patience or resilience where fast money is involved.
  • Easy money creates a bottomless pit in your soul. You will never get enough of it.
  • You will constantly be looking for nooks, crannies and holes where these opportunities for quick cash lie. Your addiction will only grow, and many times you will end up losing more money than you make in search of the gold at the end of the rainbow!

Easy money is hardly ever truly appreciated as valuable. The last thing you’d be thinking about is investing it in something that can secure your future, because it lulls you into this belief that there’s more where that came from, so why not go on a spending spree every day???

I’m not saying that there are no examples of individuals who have made real investments from the quick funds they acquired, but these examples are very few and far between.

If I sound like a 63 year old woman, THANK YOU! I will take it as a complement.

I have seen first-hand, the results of those who have decided to take the fast lane, making crazy easy money, and after a few years, have absolutely nothing to show for it.


Because easy money does not come with lessons, only terrible consequences in the end.

So I’ll choose the slow lane.

I choose to start from scratch and build something I can call my own and be proud of.

I would rather be challenged, and acquire the skills to solve problems, have the mental strength to withstand tough situations and the resiliency to make it through adversity.

After many years of being a stubborn kid who wanted to skate through life, the examples I have seen from my parents have shown me that this is the only sustainable way to success.

Sadly, easy money will always win the day because it’s sexy. It’s seductive.

There is nothing sexy about hard earned money; making sacrifices, doing the work every single day without fail even though you aren’t seeing results.

But there is honour in seeing your way through and going the distance to earn it.

A successful businessman can make money, lose it all and go broke, but in a year, will make even more money than they had lost.


Because they developed incredibly valuable skills to make that money.

Ironically, and even these successful people will tell you, it isn’t even about the money. It is about acquiring super powerful skills and knowledge.

You see, when you cultivate the ability to create profitable opportunities and make money from them, you will always possess this gift.

To you who is reading this and is a young person watching some of your friends making good money really fast, I ask you to please change your trajectory.

easy money
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  • Have a big, crazy vision, something you are truly passionate about and are willing to give as much of your time to as possible
  • Design your life, and create the results you want to see in the future.
  • Learn how to make sacrifices and give up what always looks too easy attain.
  • Put yourself through the “workshop of life” and earn your stripes
  • Build yourself, build your network, build your community
  • Study as much as you can, and implement what you learn
  • Make mistakes, and learn from them, then apply the new knowledge you have learnt


Easy money will not create a future for you my friend… only wild, crazy memories, but I want more for you.

I don’t want you to live with regret because you have nothing to show for the fast life you chose to live.

I want you to be prosperous in your senior years, knowing you have a legacy to pass on to your children, your grandchildren and their children to come, because YOU made it possible!

My desire for you is to be proud of the sacrifices you make today and the work you put in, because it will generate the kind of dividends that will not only impact you, but generations to come!