Remove the clutter from your life

I have to admit, I have been seriously off track for the last couple of weeks. I will be honest that I still have self-sabotage eating at the routines that I diligently created for the past year. I am not immune to self-sabotage. In fact, it has been with me for decades.

When you spend hours on your phone or watching videos on your PC, or playing some game on your iPad or tablet, it is usually because there is something you are avoiding, and that is basically what I have been going through lately.

Interestingly, a few weeks ago, I decided to write down my vision. Goodness, it is big! There is so much I want to do, so much I plan on becoming. I think when my physical mind and its limitations realized that when I wrote those plans down, I was no longer laughing at them and mocking them the way I used to, it got to into extra gear. I allowed it to remind me of my limitations, I allowed it to distract me and to keep me from the things I knew I was supposed to do. Then when I wasn’t doing as much as I needed to, it began to torment me about the fact that I was not doing as much as I should, and that I should forget about being great!

But here’s the thing: I have spent many years developing my emotional intelligence. My negative thinking and self-talk may have done a number on me for a bit, but it is temporary. I no longer allow my thoughts to pull me so far into my darkness that I start to believe them.

I realize now, that if I am going to pursue the crazy things I want to, then it is time to sweep the clutter completely out of my life!

I cannot afford to think the way I used to about myself. I cannot afford to think and play small anymore! I must acquire new ways of thinking, as well as a renewed attitude about myself and my life, if I am going to win as big as I want to.

I don’t know all the answers, and that’s why for once, I have to trust my intuition. I have been putting off certain ideas and ideologies for a long time for fear of what others may think of me and what I wish to stand for now, but it is time to bring that out of me now, and think, speak and act as I wish to be.

I ask you to look into yourself and your life as we get into the last quarter of this year. Use this last week of October, November and December to truly reflect on yourself, the limitations you have put in your mind, and decide to get rid of the clutter, the dirt, the gunk, the rusty, oily stuff that is holding on to your energy and keeping you from flowing with clarity, authority and total control of yourself and what you are giving out to the world.


I hope this article helps someone somewhere. Know that you are not alone, and that you can truly, honestly do and become whatever you decide upon. It’s just about having the courage to get rid of the clutter, so you can shine and go confidently towards your destiny.

What would happen if you removed the clutter? What would change, who would you become? I’d love for you to comment below the article and share your thoughts!


Like the fantastic Reverend Ike says, I wish you

Good health,




Prosperity and