Here’s Why You Will Never Change Your Career!

why you will never change your career

So here’s the dream right now for most of us:

We want a fulfilling, exciting, passionate career that has us reluctant to go to sleep every night and happy to wake up every morning, and to top it all off, have a beautiful looking bank-statement at the end of every month that would make an onion cry (tears of joy, of course)!

Here’s the current nightmare:

You’re in a job that either bores you to death or that you absolutely loathe and you know for a fact that you are only using half or even less of your fullest potential. You may not like your co-workers at all or even care about them, and the only reason you show up at work every morning is because the bills have to stay paid and you have a roof over your head that has to be maintained. Sometimes you walk into your office building and you feel like every hour spent in there equals the price of a piece of your soul.

You are frustrated, unhappy, constantly irritable, and totally un-interested in the job you are in right now.

Having said all this, the fact is, you are still not ready to change your career to the one you want, and here’s why:


1. You Have No Vision

You may be dreaming of the day you walk out of your job, free at last, as you walk into the heavenly gates of bliss and lots of money, but you still do not know what that bliss is. You may have schemed through a few careers that you find interesting, maybe as you checked out vacancies online or even in your local newspaper, but you quickly threw them into the back of your mind, doubting your ability to do any of them for one reason or another. So you have no solid idea of what you want to move towards. And trust me, when you do not have a clear idea of where you want to go, you are never going to get there.


2. You Don’t Believe In Your Vision

So you may actually have a vision for your perfect career. You’ve talked to other people who are working in that dream job or are running that ideal business you have always wanted to pursue. You’ve even read articles about it, but that doesn’t seem to be enough. You may have it all planned out in your head, but you do not have the courage yet to execute this grand idea you have.

The truth is, you simply do not believe in yourself. You think that what you want is a fantasy that you cannot attain. You still think that your vision is not realistic at all. You may have the dream, but you do not believe at all in your ability to achieve this dream. It could also be because it is too daunting, too new, or that you feel like you cannot take the risk (age, family, stability and security).


3. Your Dream Career Is Still An Option, Not a Must

You are not in that place yet where moving to a new career is an absolute must for you. Even though you may have a job that you cannot stand, you are still addicted to its perks. It may be the steady pay at the end of the month, the comfort of knowing that you are not alone, and that everyone around you works at a job they don’t particularly like either, you have settled into a routine that you have been accustomed to for years and years, and you really do not like the idea of rocking the boat too much. Your current job, inasmuch as you may be completely dissatisfied in it, has not made you dissatisfied enough for you to do anything about it yet.


4. You’re Not Prepared To Do The Work

Changing careers not only means creating a plan, but actually executing this plan. It means you will have to be truly committed to this new path, making lots of sacrifices, trying new ideas and pursuing opportunities. It takes time, persistence, lots of patience and yes, even more work. It means starting something new from scratch and gaining new knowledge. It means getting uncomfortable as you begin to contemplate this new road that you are embarking and getting out of what has always been familiar to you. If it is your dream job, it is going to mean a whole lot more than passing your CV/resume around to different companies for their consideration. It means meeting people in that business or industry and empowering yourself constantly with new knowledge. If you are still not prepared to do these things, then I am afraid you shall remain in your situation for years and years to come.


5. You’re Don’t Want To Change Your Mindset

A lot has happened in the job that you are in right now. Perhaps you have been looked over constantly when it comes to promotions, or you do not feel like you are being utilized well in the organization, or maybe there are certain employees who get better treatment and receive a lot more benefits and perks than you do. This has likely caused you a lot of pain, resentment and anger. In this situation, it is very easy to feel like you are being victimized and because of this, it is very easy to play the role of the victim.

There is also the simple case of having decades of daily behaviours and routines that are so deeply embedded in you, that they have become second nature. Changing careers means that you will have to start thinking and acting differently, which includes a shift in attitude. It also includes the uncertainty of changing your environment from one that you are very familiar with to another that you have absolutely no clue about. These factors may turn us off completely to the idea of a new career, and this is why it will be very unlikely for many of us to take that leap into a new frontier.

Both these feelings, of resentment and routine have one thing in common; they are both comfortable and familiar. It is human nature to cling to what we know, even if it may not be useful at all, we will stick to it because we know it well. So the million dollar question is, are you willing to walk into the unknown in order to move into the success and fulfillment that you seek?


6. You Immersed In “Group Comfort!”

You are an adult with bills to pay and a family to look after, and because of this, you are willing to stay in a job you desperately hate simply because not only does it provide stable income, there are countless other people in the same boat as you, so why change things so drastically? Even if you don’t have a family of your own, there are still unwritten laws that we live by as adults, the most important one being: get the job, and at all costs, keep the job! We live in what I call “group comfort.” We are comforted by the validation of others. If everyone around you is in the same situation that you are in, no matter how non-progressive it may be, it seems very normal to keep moving this way. You have no desire to change anything around you, any behaviours, make any new goals, simply because there is no one around you doing the same. You wake up every morning to go to the same job and you come home every night, only to wake up and do the same thing. The problem with living this way is that nothing changes. Nothing ever changes, unless you are taking actions, no matter how small, towards the change you want to see.


Do you relate to any of these reasons, or perhaps, all of them? If so, awareness is the best place to start. From here, you can start to ask yourself the necessary questions to help you start thinking about career change and actually being serious about it. We can change our lives completely. All we need is the focus, determination and discipline to do so!

In the next article, I shall delve on pointing you in the right direction, with some guidance on what you need to start your journey to changing your current career, or job into one that you have always wanted to do.

Do you think this article accurately depicts some of the reasons that are hindering us from working in careers that we love and are proud of? If you have a completely different point of view or even have your story about your change from a job you hated to a career you love, do comment below this article and share. I’d love to hear your stories and opinions!