10 Practical Tips On How To Be Happier

how to be happier

Here Are Practical Tips On How To Be Happier

Here are 3 simple tips for becoming a happier person. To get more tips, check out my article. http://yourpushfactor.com/how-to-be-happier

I want to give you 10 simple, practical ways on how to be happier.

These tips have nothing to do with pretending to be happy when you are not.

They aren’t about burying your head in the sand and pretending as though everything is OK.

I just want to offer you 10 tips you can practice right now to become a happier individual.


Practice gratitude

Be thankful for what you have and your loved ones.

Be thankful for the circumstances that allow you to do the things you can do (e.g. your health, your income, etc)

Write these things down as often as possible as a reminder of how much you truly have.


Saying “No”

This can be a pretty difficult thing to do for many people, but there is nothing more constraining than feeling guilty about doing things you know aren’t healthy for you, on behalf of people who make you feel shame and guilt for not doing them.

Saying “No” for the sake of your own happiness means that you are no longer allowing yourself to be treated like a doormat.

Stand up for yourself more and say “No” when you know you must!


Practice Random Acts Of Kindness

If you want to feel good instantly, then do something nice for another person.

There is nothing that will lift your spirits more than making someone’s day without asking for anything in return.

So what kind act can you do for someone today?


Don’t Let Things Fester

If someone has done you wrong, if a situation has stayed in your life for so long that it has made you angry, resentful and bitter, then it is time to do something about it!

If someone has done you wrong, tell them.

If circumstances are not changing, then actively do something to change them!

Do not wait any longer with a heart filled with disappointment and frustration.

You have the power to do something, and my suggestion to you is, Use That Power!


Go To Your Favourite Place

If you have a favourite place, whether it’s in nature or your favourite restaurant, then go there whenever you are feeling down.

If you don’t have one, why not do so?

There’s nothing better than going someplace you really enjoy to release your frustrations and take in its goodness.


Find Good Energy

Sometimes you just need to get away from the same old people and circumstances and find something and someone to make you happy!

There’s always that person who makes you laugh: call them and set up a date!

There’s always that hobby that makes you feel good: set a time to immerse yourself in it!

Visit your local theatre, art gallery or make sure that when your favourite musician visits your city, attend the concert!

Good energy = Good feelings =  A Happier You!


Do Something That Scares You!

This is a brilliant tip on how to be happier!

You will be surprised how much of a rewarding experience it can be to do something you have always been scared of.

It allows you to realise how much you are actually capable of, and nothing boosts your confidence and makes you as proud of yourself as the fact that you can be a lot more than you think you are right now.


Look Good!

Looking good will certainly lift your spirits.

I don’t mean investing in expensive clothing. Not at all!

I just mean being a bit more mindful of what you choose to wear.

I guarantee that there’ll be a pep in your step when you walk into a room, office or event!


Ban News For A Whole Day!

Want to know how to be happier? Choose to not watch any news, read a newspaper or listen to the radio… tell me this won’t make you happier!


Start Whatever’s Been Holding You Back!

We’ve heard this a million times before, but we are not getting any younger.

There is no such thing as the perfect time!

Whatever it is that you have always wanted to do but held back on, please do yourself a favour and start!

Don’t look back 20 years from today and be filled with regret over what you knew you could have done but didn’t.

Don’t let the fear keep you any longer.

Don’t let “sense” or “advice” discourage you.

Just start.

No matter where you start, Start Small and Think Big!