Keep Calm and Stick To Your Plans

When the going gets tough, you better keep going!

I am actually writing this article more for me, than for you, as a reminder to myself that no matter how difficult this journey gets, I MUST keep going, because I have invested too much into this to turn back now. So consider this a think-out-loud-article.

Determination, persistence, drive, focus, living the routines that you know will get you to the greatness you want to become… they can get boring. After a month or two, it gets tedious and unexciting and it also gets lonely being all you can be when everyone else around you seems to be “enjoying life.”

There are no bells or whistles, no cheering squad, no pomp and ceremony when you have made the decision to wake up at 5 o’clock every morning as everyone else in your household is in deep, pleasurable slumber. There is no expressed admiration for choosing to keep working on your goals when you get home after work instead of watch a couple of shows on TV. No. It can get boring, tedious, and lonely.

BUT, the decision you have made to turn your life into the best you ever had, with all the work and sacrifice that is required, is quite possibly, the best decision you have ever, ever made, my friend.

You will have to lay the ground work. There is no escaping that. The reason why so many people quit when it comes to pursuing their goals is because they realize that they have to actually make changes, make sacrifices and do the unpleasant stuff, over and over in order to start gaining the momentum they wish to have.

If you are not prepared to make discomfort, sacrifice, work and consistency the cornerstone of your life then you will fail, just as consistently. You MUST keep cal and stick to your plans.

Be prepared to make drive, focus, work and especially courage a part of your DNA. Decide that your dream is yours, and nobody else’s, and you will go a couple of hundred extra miles if you have to in order to make things work. Because nobody else can do it for you.

You can ride on someone’s coat-tail of motivation for so long. You can believe in someone else’s belief in you, but that will fade as well. People have their own lives to lead and in truth, no one owes you a damn thing. If you are the one who made the decisions you made to make something work, then you have to ride it through till its fruition. Support yourself as you work on your dreams every day, my friend.

And when it gets tough, remind yourself of what you are doing and why. Review the commitments you have made to yourself. You cannot quit. You have so much riding on it, you simply cannot give up now.

This is your season to sow. There is no harvest in sight, my friend. Not right now, not in the near future. It is your time to till, to sow, to water the seeds and to tend to your “land”. It might take more than a year, maybe even 5. Who knows? But you will reap whatever you sow.

But keep in mind, my friend, that as you mind your work, you will start to grow in infinite wisdom and skill, and you will realize that you are not the same person that you were when you started.

You will get there, but you will have to be patient. And when you finally see the fruit of your time, your energy and your labour, you will realize that it was all worth it.