Let Your Push Factor Override Your Fear Factor

How do you know that you have overcome a fear? When, despite the fear, you keep doing that very thing that scares the holy crap out of you!

So do you want to conquer your fear? Then do me a favour.

Find Your Push Factor!

What is your Push Factor? It is your most compelling, most urgent and most desirable reason why you want to improve your life. You can have more than one push factor of course.

Your Push Factor Is Your Lifeline. It Is Not an Option!

Your push factor has to override your feelings of fear, in order for you to overcome it! You will stay exactly where you are if you see changing your life as an option, and not a real, genuine reason for you to get up every morning with a strong, insistent commitment to move closer to your goal!

So What Are Your Push Factors for 2014? Do You Have Any?

Let me know! Leave your comments below 🙂