New Podcast: Life Is A Series Of Jumps

taking risks

I’ve been feeling like I have come to the edge of a cliff, and I have been refusing to jump for a while now. I look back a lot. Sometimes I just sit and stare at the edge. I know that walking back is futile, like trying to bring back “the old days” when things were simpler and happier. I grow more and more antsy, because I know I have to jump.

If nobody has told you this, allow me to be the first to tell you: as you are consciously creating a new life, a more fulfilling and purposeful existence, change is going to come at every single turn. The more you decide to progress, the more turns you will have to make, often times into situations that you honestly believe you are not prepared for.

Then comes the mental battle of resistance. This is where you are going to spend most of your time: inside your head. Your mind knows you very well, so it has developed all kinds of well crafter arguments as to why you should not move a step further. Your mind is going to be your best opponent you have ever had in this time, and you are going to have to create one heck of a defense lawyer to counter every attack your mind throws at you.

There shall be many situations in your life where you will have to jump and as you are falling, have faith that everything will work out. The onus is on us to make those jumps, with every part of us on board: mind, body and spirit. That’s what this short podcast is about. Take a listen and enjoy.


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