New Video: How To Improve a Bad Mood, And A Bad Day!

how to improve a bad mood

We all have those days.

You wake up on a Monday morning and you feel like:

“I have a bad feeling about this day!”

“I forgot about this morning’s meeting!”

“I drank too much last night!”

What’s the first thing you do when you open your eyes? Well, as you come back to your conscious self, you start to recollect your thoughts and feelings.

Immediately you are hit by 2 things: the experiences you went through the day before, and 2 how those experiences are going to shape your day.

What we may not know about moods is that they are based on accumulated emotions. If you have been unsatisfied for a long time about your current life circumstances, then it is natural that all you have been doing is collecting one bad feeling or thought after another about how dreadful things are, how disappointed you are with yourself, oh, and how you have to go through yet another bad break-up, and you believe you’re going to be single forever! (That’s not true though… stop that!)

The best way to take control of bad moods, or any negative emotions is to start looking at them as signs; signs that there is something inside you that you have been ignoring for a long time that has now come to the surface and must be dealt with immediately. If not, they start to spill over to those around you when you lash out aggressively, or even worse, close up emotionally and refuse deal with your situation in a healthy way.

So here are a few pointers to help you take charge of your bad moods, and bad days.


  1. Stop The Pile Up!

If you have been putting something on the shelf for a long time, like work, or an unresolved issue with someone, know that it is one of the main things that is disturbing you and causing a build-up of negative emotions. Decide right now to do something about it. Make a plan of how you are going to clear that work, or make the first move and call that person with whom you need to patch things up.


  1. Think Through Things Rationally

A lot of the time, our minds make colossal monsters out of the things we think and feel. Get a grip of those thoughts, and make sure that you are not over exaggerating certain issues that you may be going through. Most times all you have to do is take decisive action, and that’s when you start to realize that the big bad monster was not as horrible as you had conjured up in your mind.


  1. Learn Your Negative Triggers!

Identify the things that cause you stress during the course of the day, then find practical ways to deal with them. Avoid or spend very little time with those that elevate your stress level. If it’s work, plan your time wisely so that you can get your biggest priorities for the day done.


  1. Accept What You Cannot Control

There are many things we honestly do not have power over: bad traffic, rude people, getting older, sudden illness, death. In this age of such volatility and unpredictability, it is important to cultivate a healthy perspective of life, lest you will become a victim of hatred and resentment. Do your best to enjoy these precious times that we have, because they aren’t many. Learn to appreciate yourself and others more, and do your best to remain optimistic. It will have a much greater positive impact on your life than you may think.


Question: What are the ways that you have learned to control bad moods and improve your days? Do share your comments and thoughts below, and if you have enjoyed this article, go ahead and share. Sharing is caring!

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