New Video: Is This It For You?

Is This It For You

Last week, I walked into my colleague’s office and I shot off the question, “Tell me, is this…” I looked around the office and back to him “…it for you.” He knew exactly what I meant, and he replied quickly. “No. This is not it for me.” So I responded, “what, for you, is it? What is the most meaningful and purposeful life you could be living if you had the chance?” He looked back at me, stumped. I could see the blank look on his face, like he had never really considered it before. “I’ll think about it and get back to you” is all he could say.

I think about the fact that where my life is right now is definitely not it for me. But I struggle a lot. I struggle with the fact that something much, much greater than me is calling me, and every day, me and greatness argue. I tell greatness that I am not prepared, that I am not worthy, that I should not put this great destiny on my shoulders and deal with the pressure, but the truth is, I have to deal with it. I know for a fact that where I am right now in my life is not it. I am simply passing through it, and there is a lot more for me to come.

Have you ever really scrutinized your life right now, where you are and decided that you are simply passing through it? Or do you see where you as IT? The place to be? Many of you will very likely answer an emphatic “NO!” to this question. So I ask,

Are you unhappy with where you are, who you have become, and what you have not done that is within your own control? If so, then:-

  • What are you willing to do to change it?
  • Who are you willing to become to change it?
  • How far are you willing to go?
  • How much time are you willing to give?
  • How much sacrifice are you going to give?

If you want to see 2015 come through for you in ways that you will not believe, then we need to adapt certain Internal Change Strategies:-

  1. Creating a very powerful Push Factor: what MUST change this year for you, no matter what? What MUST you accomplish at all costs, and why is it SO important to you? (Remember, this cannot be a fleeting, wishy-washy resolution. Your need to accomplish it must be very powerful. Anything less than that will have you giving up even before you start)


  1. Establishing a very strong and unwavering daily rituals or systems to help maintain your momentum. Once you have established your why, create a daily system of activities you will commit to in order to accomplish your mission. What will you do with your mornings? What will you do in the afternoon? What will you do in the evening? Break the times down and make sure that your hours are accounted for. Create your own daily system, a system that works for you!


  1. Stretch yourself, push yourself, make yourself uncomfortable! Do things outside your comfort zone. Wake up earlier every day, attend a workshop, do something at work that is out of your ordinary duties, like writing a proposal for a strategy that could help improve the performance of your organization. If you really don’t want to do that, then get started on a project or an activity that will help improve your skill-level. Buy a book every month and read it, learn something new each day! Make a conscious commitment to evolve every day, no matter how small it may be!


  1. Do One Thing At A Time! I am slowly but surely getting out of this addictive behaviour of insane multitasking. I can be writing an article, have 7 tabs open in my browser, while chatting with my sister on Viber. It frustrates me, because 3 hours into the day, I have only done 2 pages of my article or report. Now, I keep all distractions away from me as I do one thing, complete it, then do the next. Go ahead and cook more than one dish while in your kitchen, but do not do a million other things while creating a presentation. It will NOT work! This strategy is brilliant for saving time.

It is important for all of us to understand that the change we will see outside begins with the internal changes that we make. It will be a lot of work, and it will not be easy, but if it were easy, everybody would do it.

You want 2015 to be awesome? Now you know what to do to make it so!