New Video! Time To Forgive? (Part III)

Are you ready to forgive?

Now there are lots of us right now who are still not ready to forgive. However, there are those of us who are tired of the burden of pain they are bearing, and now want to let it go, but they do not know how to. Being bound in that place of the hurt, humiliation and suffering you are going through has actually given you a sense of identity. You have now embodied who you are so much with what happened to you, that it becomes impossible to let it go, because without it, you might not have anything to give you the kind of strength and pride that anger gives you.

In this video, I tackle how you know that you are ready to forgive. It takes practice to will yourself out of your past feelings, but once you do, you then have the freedom to focus on yourself and what you truly want in this world. You know longer have to be bound by the painful memories of your past!


How have you been able to forgive? What was your experience when you decided to let go? I would love to know your story, so do comment below!