4 Crucial Keys To Creating Your Personal Development Goals

personal development goals

Have you ever talked about something… a word, a car, a color, and for some weird reason, it ends up showing up absolutely everywhere?

And I mean ev.ry.where!

I drew the conclusion the same rule applies with the personal development goals we set.

Whether we know this or not, our brains work like a homing device… it needs a target.

If we aren’t aiming at something specific, we will (very successfully) hit everything else, except the actual thing we want to hit.

Now you really shouldn’t be focusing your energy, time, space and tears into any old goal…

Here are 4 crucial keys (4 C’s) for you to zero in on to determine whether you are sincerely looking into personal development goals that are meaningful to you!

Yes you…

...not your spouse, your kids, your parents or your bff…

even though, coincidentally, a goal that is powerful for you will positively impact the ones you love.

But we have to start with you first, so let’s get started

personal development goals

1. Clarity

Is Your Personal Development Goal Undoubtedly Clear to you?

Say you want to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.

That’s pretty vague though…

But when you get yourself a trusty pad and pen, uninterrupted by noise or technology, and you sit down somewhere quiet and write down something like...

I want to lose 20 pounds because it will make me feel significantly healthier.

I want to do this by creating a daily regiment, for at least 10 minutes each day towards achieving this goal.

I am going to create a diet plan that is easy to follow and even create dishes that are fun and easy to prepare.

I’m going to by a new pair of running shoes tomorrow after work, (maybe some awesome fluorescent ones) so I can get excited about working out each day”

You see? That’s a lot more specific than what you originally thought up!

Remember the homing device I spoke of in the past article?

Now your brain knows what you want to achieve, and will start connecting you with ideas and strategies to help you hit your target.

I’m not saying it’s that simple…

...we are all well aware of our friend procrastination and the potential damage it can cause...

...but the more specific you write your goal, the more measured your timelines each day of what you want to achieve, the more you will be creating a daily ritual, which makes it harder and harder for procrastination to mess with.


A covenant, to me is a lot more compelling than a contract.

It is like a solemn promise between you and another party (a friend, a partner, a business) agreeing on certain promises, conditions and responsibilities you will take while you are bound to this covenant.

It is a real commitment, and this is why it is important to have truly meaningful personal development goals you want to pursue, for the simple reason that it must tug at your heartstrings…

Your goal must become a sacred daily activity,

Your goal must become a ritual that you follow religiously,


Because of how committed you are…

Not to the outcome, but to who you are becoming, the growth, the skills, and the wisdom you will acquire along the way.

Make sure you and your personal development goal are bound by a covenant, a contract that you plan on fulfilling right to the end.


Does the achievement, or lack of achievement of your goal have any consequences?

I have to tell you, nothing will motivate you that putting certain caveats on this very specific and meaningful goal you have written out for yourself!

After you have written out your very specific goal, next, I have some questions for you to mull over and write down in great detail.

I. The Positive Consequences

What will be the mental, emotional and physical benefits of me working on my goals every day?

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How exactly will your pursuit of your daily goal influence them? (emotionally, mentally, physically)

What will be the benefits when your loved ones see the final results of your work? (admiration, inspiration, motivation to do and be more, etc.

How will your relationships with the ones you love change?

What will the mental, physical and emotional consequences be if I do not pursue my goals at all?

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What will the mental, physical and emotional consequences be if I do not pursue this goal at all?

How much stronger willy my anxiety, stress and frustration grow?

Am I prepared for the regret, shame and failure of remaining in the same place I have been for so long?

How will you deal with the constant, empty promises you make to the ones you love? (In your pen and pad, write down the names of those people closest to you who you love and know will be impacted by your empty promises)


If there is one thing I have learned from my mother, is that you can move mountains when your goal is deeply intertwined to a cause that is bigger than you.

By this I mean that there is something that your soul is intertwined to…

be it a charitable cause or a status quo that you want to be a part of changing…

...or like my mother, you commit yourself so much to changing the lives of your children, to give them the opportunities that you never had, that you stay awake going through one sleepless night after another, designing plans in your mind of what you wish to create in your future…

What I am saying is, link your personal development goal to a cause or people who mean the world to you, because ultimately, we are not here to serve ourselves.

Make sure that before you leave, you have made your mark in the world, one person at a time, because of the beliefs you had and your commitment to fulfil your destiny, whatever it is that you believe it is!