Podcast Episode 17: What’s Your Highest Purpose

I truly enjoy doing my Sunday Sentiments podcasts every week. This is my 17th episode and it has been incredibly fulfilling. On this episode I talk about one’s higher purpose. I do believe that one can find the happiness they seek by living for a purpose that’s greater than oneself. There is only so much the attainment of that career title, or that new material possession can do for you. Even if you may not have them now, I can guarantee you that the minute you reach the level that this world offers you, your excitement will die off in a matter of weeks.

You need a bigger purpose, a greater reason, a more magnificent vision that excites you, scares you and challenges you. You Need A Push Factor!

Take a listen to the podcast to find out more! Enjoy the listen, and as always, I would love your comments, questions, rants or raves!

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