Push Factor Saturday: NO JUDGE ZONE!

“Why wait to have  resolutions at the beginning of the year? Why not set your goals right now?” ~ Kenneth Muriithi

This last PF Saturday that took place on the 18th of October was very special to me. It was intimate and very relaxed, and that was what made it so magical for me.

I can firmly attest to the fact that there is nothing like this in Nairobi. The opportunity to walk into a room with individuals who truly and honestly share their struggles, insecurities, triumphs and joys equally is not something we do in our society. And I realized that PF Saturdays is about a lot more than the pursuit of success. It is also about sharing what is really going on in our lives. The simple knowledge that one is not alone, and that many can relate to one’s circumstances is quite powerful, and this is what I witnessed the whole time we were together on this day.

I am thankful to Edward, Kenneth, Zena, Carlo, Njoki and Sally for attending this very special occasion. The theme was to reflect on 2014. What we have experienced, the highlights of the year, the lessons we have learnt and the challenges we are still facing.

There were common threads of emotion throughout the session, like the need to compare ourselves with others and the fact that a number of us have either gone through depression or are going through it.

There were gems dropped by everyone.

I remember Edward’s advice that you have to keep going, even when there is a sea right in front of you. Just like God gave Moses the power to part the seas in the Bible, we have the power to overcome our adversities as well.

Kenneth advised us not to listen to people who have never done what you are doing, no matter how close they are to you. I appreciated that, because everyone seems to have an opinion about things they have never experienced before for themselves.

Sally was profoundly touched by the fact that you never know who will influence you in your life. It is a realization we all came to actually, that as we move towards our highest purpose, that small miracles start to happen right in front of us. People show up to help us, and opportunities present themselves for us to grab.

Carlo spoke of the adversity she went through, and how she used it to her advantage, to push her out of her emotional darkness. Her story was very inspiring for those who heard it. And I shared with my friends that Carlo came up with the phrase “Push Factor” and I decided to use that as my brand name.


Njoki and Zena shared their current challenges. I appreciate how strong they both are, and their determination to get through the valleys to get to their peaks. Their stories helped everyone to understand that we are all still going through something, and that we all need a Push Factor, something to give us the strength to go through each day as we create our ultimate selves!

Thank you, Njoki, for reminding me to take life one day at a time!


Most of us stayed on well after the meeting, networking and exchanging cards and getting to truly know each other. This was an amazing experience, and I am truly thankful to have shared it with individuals who are not afraid to be who they are, and are doing what we all are in this world: figuring it out as we go along. Only we are doing it together, and not alone!



The next Push Factor Saturday will be in January, 2015. If you would like to be a part of it, do drop an email: info@yourpushfactor.com . I only want to involve individuals who truly want to change their current circumstances. It is not about popularity or filling the room. It is about making individual connections, and that, for me, is where the power truly lies.

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