Set Your Mind Right Every Day!

I used to think that positive self-affirmations were absolute hog wash!

I believed it was some airy fairy stuff that some disillusioned person or schemer concocted. But, isn’t my constant barrage of negative self talk an affirmation? Yes it is! If I affirm to myself how much my day is going to suck, or how terrible my job is, how badly I am in need of money, etc, etc, then why can’t I instead affirm myself positively? Why not start my mornings being grateful for what I have, affirming to myself that I alone have the power to make my days great, and that money continues to flow into my life, (because it does)?

So I want to share with you a potentially life changing habit, and that is, the habit of positive self-affirmations. I have posted the one above, one of my favourite ones, to show you that you can spend 7 minutes of your day, preferably the start of it, to set your mind in a direction of real power. I hope you enjoy it!