We all have an internal guidance system. It’s not broken. It was designed for you to follow in order to get the very best and truest experience you can get out of your own life. But from a much earlier age, this system, which was very strong and clear inside us when we were children, slowly started to be drowned out by what was going on outside, what our friends were saying, what our teachers thought of us, what our parents said we could and couldn’t do, etc, etc.

So we’ve carried it into the present. Nothing we say or do is good enough. We second guess virtually every decision we make, and whenever we are faced with any problem, we have to tell at least 5 people about it.

I know you hate living like this. I know you hate getting so confused with yourself that you sometimes it gets hard to even get out of bed. You are living in a prison you have created for yourself.

Sure it all seems ok when you’re surrounded by your friends. They seem to have all the answers, don’t they? You feel like you can take a load off and let them run your life for you for a while. But they disappear, and all you have left is yourself. You stopped listening to yourself a long time ago, and it is slowly killing you inside.

So how can you save yourself?


There is no reason why you shouldn’t trust it! It’s not there just because! Your inner voice is a very powerful guide that was designed for you, and you alone, to follow, but you do not. You eventually become terribly conflicted with yourself because you are in a constant tug of war. Your guidance system (call it your heart, soul, intuition, gut feeling) knows exactly where to go next, but you don’t want to trust it, and this is why you suffer so much.

Stop second guessing every decision you make. You will never make any progress if you make 5 steps forward and 10 steps back. If you make a decision, stand firm with that decision and ACT on it. You are showing the highest form of disrespect to yourself when you do not act on the decisions you make. Make promises to yourself and KEEP those promises. Don’t renege on yourself! Respect who you are, and respect the decisions that you make by acting on those decisions.

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