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Transform Your Life: 9 Signs That Tell You It’s Time

If you are struggling with the fact that it is time to transform your life, then this post is for you. Designed by Freepik You’re agonizing over the consequences of making decisions that will transform your life forever. You’re afraid of how it will affect those in your life that are close to you… You […]

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What is forgiveness

New Video! Part II: What Forgiveness Is and Isn’t!

In this video, I break down what, according to me, forgiveness is and isn’t supposed to be. This for me is what forgiveness is not: For one, forgiveness does not mean that you are weak. A lot of us think that we remain the helpless victims when we decide to forgive the one(s) who wronged […]

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The Conspiracy of Fearful Thinking

You are probably still holding on to something someone did to you when you were 8 years old… or not. For those who may not know, yes there are those of us who still harbour words that were said to us decades and decades ago. I had a very intriguing conversation with my cousin and […]

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