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what's wrong with me

Why I Wrote A Book Titled “What’s Wrong With Me?”

A book titled “What’s Wrong With Me?” is already pretty heavy. I even received an email from a friend that kinda read like this: I’m just curious as to why the heavy title? It sounds very loaded and I’m wondering what on earth would have inspired that… Especially when you, like the rest of us, […]

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Finishing what you start

Why Don’t You Ever Finish What You Start?

It’s comforting to know how my thought process works. It has taken years and years to understand my patterns, and now that I can figure out exactly what triggers me, especially when a new opportunity intimidates me, I can now manipulate my thinking into turning my mood around. But right now, this is as far […]

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are you enough

New Video! Are You Enough?

This past weekend I wrestled with this question. Am I Enough? Check out this video to find out why it is so important for you to understand that you are enough, and that you have everything you need to progress, elevate and evolve!

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What The Heck Is Wrong With You?

Nothing! Absolutely Nothing Is Wrong With You! It has been schooled, beaten and driven right inside of  too many of us, that our mistakes, failures and flaws are the sum total of who we are. This could not be further from the truth! How many times did your parents yell “What is wrong with you??” […]

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