The Brutal Truth: Your Number 1 Motivator!

CAUTION! This is a brutally honest post.

Here is what I have finally come to grips with:

I am surrounded by mediocrity.

It has finally dawned on me that if I continue to stay in this environment without putting in real effort every-day, then this year will end with me having broken the 1 and ONLY promise I have made to myself this year:


It simply MUST.Be.Different!

The most difficult thing for me so far has been this question: how can I motivate myself in an environment of mediocrity?

The answer has become my Push Factor: Do I want 2014 to be like the last 4 years of my life? Can I afford another year of procrastination, fear, low sense of self-worth, low energy, constant irritability and sensitivity, surrounded by mediocrity?

No. I cannot afford to do this to myself anymore.

So I shall be the MOST VULNERABLE I have ever been in my ENTIRE LIFE. I shall stand in front of people to speak. I shall continue to admit my flaws. I shall do things that scare the living daylights out of me…. why?

Because 2014 has simply got to be different for me! If not, I will die inside. My fears are actually my lifelines.

I have been incredibly candid with you in this post. So what is the one thing that is going to motivate you this year??? What have you decided is no longer an option, but A LIFELINE? A must? Something You Can No Longer Sacrifice?

Talk to me people…


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