Transform Your Life: 9 Signs That Tell You It’s Time

If you are struggling with the fact that it is time to transform your life, then this post is for you.

transform your life
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You’re agonizing over the consequences of making decisions that will transform your life forever.

You’re afraid of how it will affect those in your life that are close to you…

You wonder about whether what you are about to do is not only terribly selfish, but irrevocably damaging.

But you know you have to do it…

So here are the 9 tell-tale signs that now is the time for you to make your move, and transform your life completely.


1. Your routines have changed substantially

People who have something big bothering them often develop changes in their daily patterns.

– You are either suffering from insomnia,

– You’re eating much less (because you are anxious) or eating much more (to find comfort)

-Your moods change quite drastically as well, and this makes you question your sanity sometimes…

At this point, there are many of us who choose to distract ourselves with anything we can find…

TV, Internet, alcohol/substance abuse, sex, partying… anything to keep from allowing our minds to delve into these scary possibilities that our souls are attempting to make us conscious of.

A lot of us are hell bent on staying asleep, believing that ignorance is bliss. 

But it is a battle that cannot be won. It would be much easier for you to surrender to who you are becoming.

The question is, when will you start to listen to inner self?


2. Your new beliefs are all you think about

More and more, you find yourself occupied by the thoughts of what your life is supposed to be like.

When you wake up in the morning, your first thoughts are about it… before you go to sleep, if you are not suffering from insomnia, it is the last thing that goes through your head.

You replay new ideas,

you write them down,

you talk about them,

you do research and even join online forums,

you are constantly pondering on this new version of your life.

This should not be taken lightly.

These nagging thoughts and feelings will only get stronger and stronger and cannot be pushed aside or ignored.

Something is about be born, and it cannot wait any longer!

Your destiny to transform your life is inevitable.


 3. You see things completely differently from the rest

There is something very disturbing about how drastically your paradigm can shift.

Not disturbing in the sense that it is bad, but disturbing to realize how extreme your thoughts have become in comparison to those you interact with from day to day.

It shifts your world so much, that you can no longer stand to share your thoughts with the people that are in the current environment that you are in.

When you start seeing things so differently from others, it leaves you with a very irritating itch…

The itch to change your environment,

The itch to find others who think and see along the lines that you do.

You have reached a point of no return, where you must execute the life-changing decisions you have made, in order for the world that you wish to create can manifest into your new reality.

It has indeed become a brave new world for you!


4. You have already confided in those you trust and love

When you are faced with life-changing decisions, it is terribly difficult to keep them to yourself. There will always be that one person that you will talk to about it.

There is always that person, (or a few special individuals in your life) that you simply click with, and who accept you unconditionally for who you are.

What you have probably realized is that this or these particular person(s) that you choose to confide in are usually incredibly supportive of what you plan to do, or plan to become.

These people are not necessarily family members… they are people you met somewhere in your journey of life who you have formed very close knitted bonds with.

When this person, or these people fully understand your vision as you do, then this is an even bigger sign to walk right into your dreams and goals, because you will be supported.

You will never be alone!


5. You know that you will regret not taking the leap

You are motivated by the fact that if you do not fulfill this big passionate vision you have, that one day it will haunt you, and by then, it will be too late!

You won’t even talk about your regret to anyone because you know it is an exercise in futility.

You also know that you will not live with yourself if you do not fully express what is inside of you, and this is why your deepest purpose has to be fulfilled.

“Do not die with your music still in you” ~ Serena Dyer


6. You are tired of keeping the peace

There is only so long that you can appease your loved ones. 

You have been following rules that no longer apply to you…

You are a part of a status-quo that you are sick and tired of,

You are no longer interested in seeking permission to be who you want to be, and you finally want to express and create what your own version of freedom is like…

Be careful not to stay in this place for too long, because resentment and frustration can grow very quickly into bitterness, or can manifest itself as depression.

Your truth will set you free. It is time to live in your own truth, and not by the truth of someone else, an authority figure, or society at large!


7. You cannot stand facing yet another day doing and being what you no longer believe in

There is nothing more painful than being consciously aware that there is much more to life, and waking up everyday to live 20% of it. 

Our task as evolving human beings is pushing beyond our fear of conformity, and actually pursuing that which we want to do and become!

There is a lot of fear involved in this, because even when you have these urges, you are unsure of what the future has to offer you.

But the universe has not inspired you to come this far in order to leave you stranded and without help…!

You must have the courage to create this new life that you have already envisioned for yourself.

You must do it, or else, you will die inside.


8. Your relationships change (quite drastically)

When you start to change in an environment that remains stagnant, most people will simply not relate with you anymore.

You are strange to them!

Maybe you have told one of your friends/colleagues that you feel it is time for you to transform your life, and to them, you might as well have spoken in Greek.

So naturally you start to speak less and less with them. You no longer hang out with them the way you used to.

You start to realize that there are some bridges that need to be burned, and this is for the benefit of your own progress.

Do not feel guilty! There is nothing wrong with letting go of certain kinds of people. In order for you to move into the next stage of your life, there are people who simply no longer have a place in your life.


9. You know you will be supported in your new life’s decision

Just as your closest confidant will be ready to support you in your new life’s decision, so will your higher power. This can be God, The Universe, Source Energy, etc. There are many ways that we identify this Higher Intelligence according to the beliefs you have internalized.

It is imperative that you trust in your inner guidance.

Trust your gut, trust yourself, because for a very long time, you will be relying on your inner voice to guide you. Stay Connected To This Higher Intelligence, because it will lead you to the right people to connect with, the resources that you will need to sustain you.

This Higher Intelligence will constantly give you gems of inspiration,


Because inspired action serves as the ‘bread crumbs’ along the road to your highest purpose.

Taking small steps, even steps you do not understand, serve as divine guidance towards anything and everything that you wish to fulfil.

So if you want to get there, you must feel, listen and act!


Where are you in your life right now? Do you feel like it is time for you to transform your life? Write a comment below this article and let me know whether you are going through any of these 9 signs I have written about!



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