Video: Push Factor Book Of The Month for March

So I’ve given away 2 books so far, because I started the PF Book Of The Month in February, and here are the testimonials from my two winners:

Woohooo I am so excited to be the winner of this book. I cannot thank you enough for this gift. Thanks for being such a blessing. Much appreciated Sheila

~ Jacqueline Makau

I am so enjoying the book – Psycho Cybernetics. I think it is such an eye opener for me…. Some times it feels like it’s me that’s being described and am not even half way through yet! Now to make the learnings stick and actionable…..I want to get to the end and reread it again, and complete the exercises as well.

~ Rita Meme

How about you? Would YOU like to be a winner of this book, by Steven J. Fogel, “My Mind Is Not Always My Friend?” If so, watch the video and find out how to grab yourself a free Kindle version copy of this very insightful book. All the best!