What This Horror Movie Reveals About The Mind

Oculus and The Mind

For the record, I cannot deal with horrors. I do not like watching them because they are incredibly manipulative –but then again, so is marketing.

Nothing is more invasive to the mind than a horror flick! Fun fact: I am the 8 year old girl who spent hours locked away in my cousin’s room while the rest of the kids were downstairs enthralled by the documentary about the making of Thriller. I’ve never changed my ideas on terror-filled images. Yes, I am that much of a wuss when it comes to horrors, but I digress.

Having said that, I admit that no movie of this genre has fascinated me as much as  ‘Oculus’, has.

Now if you’re anything like me, then I do not encourage you to watch it. Horrors do have a way of taking a concept and blowing it right out of proportion and taking it to its absolute extreme. But I was fascinated by the focus of this movie, the Lasser Glass, and the director’s clever decision to add history behind this mysterious mirror’s origin and its effect on those who possessed it in the past.

I’m no film critic, but to give a very short synopsis without giving the whole storyline away, the movie is about this mirror, the Lasser Glass, a.k.a. Oculus, which brings death and destruction to anybody who owns it. The mirror is intensely manipulative, and can create images, circumstances and mental states that will have you believing them, so much so, that the mirror eventually bends its victim to its will and ultimately eliminates the poor soul.

The fact that all the characters have depth – for once, it’s not all about gory defacing – and to see the mental and emotional suffering the main characters go through made me draw my own conclusion:

To me, the Laser Glass mirror is a metaphor for the mind.

Our mind, like that mirror, is very good at conjuring up scenarios. Based on our fears and skepticisms, it will produce very convincing, persuasive images to stop us dead in our tracks from pursuing anything that we perceive as new and different, in fact, anything that challenges the very authority of our thoughts and feelings.

The mind may recognize the need to grow and transcend certain conditions, but is terrified of this idea at the same time! We know what we know. It is so familiar to us, and no matter how much digression it has caused, it is better to live in some form of certainty, no matter how sinister it may be for our well-being!

All the mind can do is imagine all manner of fearful and devastating results of what would happen if we dared cross the threshold of what we already know and feel. The harder we try to pursue what we are fearful of in the beginning, the more determined the mind will be to render these images and feelings so real in our bodies that we end up being terrified enough into not taking any action.

I truly believe that depression comes in when our mind plays an even more deceiving game. While we have allowed ourselves to be seduced by our mind’s comfort and security of where we are, defending our excuses tooth and nail to anyone who challenges them, something else comes up: the gradual resentment we start to feel towards ourselves for not doing anything about our despair and unhappiness.

It is a vicious cycle; the kind of cycle that renders people into committing suicide; which is what that darned Oculus kept doing to its victims.

The good news –halleluiah, no really, Halleluiah – is that life is not like Oculus!

We do have dominion and control over our minds! The trick is to be aware of what it is up to as often as possible! There is truly only one antidote to getting over feelings of defeat and misery, and that is by taking action towards the very thing you are so terrified of. The irony of life, and the way its set up, which I think is cruel sometimes, is that if you want to get over what you are most afraid of, then you have to face it, sit with it, take it in and work through it. Go through the depths of its “perceived hell” and see what you will find.

What I have discovered so far is that unlike the Lasser Glass, fear does not take any prisoners unless you allow it to. You will realize that fear truly is an figment of your imagination, the conjuring of a very clever mind that has known you since the very beginning of your life and knows your weaknesses and how to use them against you.

Here’s your new knowledge, a quote from the incredible Guy Finley: “We will never know how to change if we continue to allow who we have been to keep dictating who we can be.”

Focus on who you can be, and do not relate yesterday’s history to the potential of the brilliant future you are capable of having!

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