What You Are About To Read Might Offend You, But I Really Don’t Care


“The trouble is you think you have time.” –Jack Kornfield

If you are not being completely honest with yourself in this moment, then the rest of your life does not matter.

Not your future, not your plans or prospects, hopes or dreams.

Because they are all founded on a lie.

You have lied to yourself that the current life you are living is best for you because you don't want to stir the pot.

You don't want to make anyone too angry,

You don't want to have ever look like you have the unpopular opinion.

You have chosen to occupy the smallest space possible and resigned yourself into believing that this is your home.

Anything else would make the ones closest to you... it would turn their lives upside down, and you don't want that.

So you have chosen to betray yourself over and over again...

...bury your deepest truth inside the furthest, darkest part of your mind, hoping that it won't disturb you.

You numb it anything you can find... distractions, vices, noise, anything to keep you from facing yourself and who you really are.

You have allowed yourself to believe that you have time, and that living in the comfort of where you are right now will not create a devastating impact on your deep desire to actually change what you are unhappy about.

I am here to remind you that you don't have that much time.

I am here to, at the very least plant the seeds of consideration.

Who would you be if you choose to stand up for yourself?

What kind of life would you have if you actually validated yourself and not those you have so heavily relied on to make you feel worthy?

When are you going to stand within the truth of who you really are?

Is your future self going to thank you for the choices you make now, or live in total regret, shame and guilt for the million choices you had to turn things around, but refused to?

This article is not meant to offend you.

It's meant to slap you in the face.

Wake you up to the fact that this is your life, you only have one, and you must start making choices to honor yourself.

YOU ARE THE OWNER OF YOUR LIFE! Act like it and start fighting for it damnit!

I say this with all the love my heart can muster,

Sheila Makena