What’s A Push Factor Anyway?

what is your push factor

You know when the Push Factor website got started, I was quite green, I must admit. I was so busy learning the ropes and getting myself into a consistent routine that I did not truly introduce what the core ethos of it.

So what if I could define it, I would say that:

A Push Factor is a compelling, persuasive and motivational driving force or reason that pushes one towards the highest vision or purpose of becoming one’s ultimate self.

In layperson’s terms, What Is Your Why?

My Push Factor for 2014 is that I am breaking down the specific limited beliefs that have been keeping me locked in my own prison of impossibility and self-doubt. By embarking on doing this, I have quickly discovered that it is crucial to be 100% honest with myself.

“This is going to be hard as heck.” I had readily convinced myself… that is until I started walking the road. The biggest problem for me was putting myself onto the public arena, but in time, I got used to that. And that’s the thing about starting something that looks colossal and terrifying. But believe it or not, you get used to it.

So let’s start with the basic questions shall we?

– What is the purpose of this year for you?

– What do you want to see come to a reality by December, 2014?

– What is this intention, this compelling, passionate objective that is so incredibly important to you, that you want to turn into a MUST this year?

– Is it an experience, is it a project, is it an emotional or spiritual journey that you wish to embark on that will challenge your essence and shake up the very core of your soul?
To me, this is a Push Factor. A Big Why that makes you want to get up every morning because you know every day is an opportunity for you to create, plan and execute this amazing purpose you have burning inside your soul.
A Push Factor does not mean that you must turn yourself into a super-hero. In fact, I recommend that whatever you choose as your intention or purpose this year, that it is something simple in theory, but that will require discipline, determination and heart to accomplish.
Wanna know what my Push Factor is? It is to break down any limiting belief that is holding me back from the person I know I really am. I want to do the things I have been constantly telling myself I cannot do. Simple in theory, difficult to execute, but exhilarating when accomplished!
Yours can be anything you choose. Whatever is important to you that you have been putting off or not really putting real effort into, which you know can potentially change your life? This is the year to make the decision to go for it!
Please be clear, that you may not necessarily finish what you start, which is even better. This is a journey of discovery and of substantial personal growth. You are making the decision to not let this year simply pass you by, without leaving a mark on it!
So here’s the thing about Push Factor: It’s not for everyone.


Having a Push Factor requires certain qualities that even I am looking at and thinking, “wow, this is a lil’ too heavy Sheila,” but it will help you feel even more alive when we awaken ourselves to all our possibilities.


1. We Must Be Honest With Ourselves.
This journey will need us to take an honest look at our lives and ourselves and compassionately acknowledge where and who we are presently. We must accept our shortcomings and no longer use them as handicaps but as launching pads to a greater horizon.

2. We Must Develop Courage Along This Path
…because we will suffer losses, we will endure setbacks and we will put ourselves in uncomfortable situations. But I promise you that courage is the cutter against the diamond that makes it shine, and you will be absolutely shocked by what life will bring out of you if you make the choice to employ the courage that you already possess within yourself.

3. We Must Start Altering Our States of Mind
The truth is, many of us are walking around with mindsets that cannot possibly support us. We can be so hostile towards ourselves when we want to make progress in our lives, and if you are this person, then this is the first place to start. And I will help you with this potential mind-field.

That’s a lot to think about, but if you want this year to be a phenomenal one, like I do, it is time to make those big decisions, and take big leaps. Baby steps are great, but we cannot take baby-steps forever. I would love for you to take the next couple of days to discover what you really, truly want out of 2014, and why it is so important for you to START. Make a very strong, emotionally charged statement about this.

Question: What Is Your Push Factor This Year? Do share your comments with me below, I would love to know what your thoughts are!