Why I Wrote A Book Titled “What’s Wrong With Me?”

what's wrong with me

A book titled “What’s Wrong With Me?” is already pretty heavy.

I even received an email from a friend that kinda read like this:

I’m just curious as to why the heavy title? It sounds very loaded and I’m wondering what on earth would have inspired that… Especially when you, like the rest of us, are just you. What on earth could be so wrong with you that you had to write a book about it?


My response to her was that this book is not about noting down dramatic accounts about what is wrong with me.

I am not normal. This much is true…

And it took me a very long time to accept that I am different, especially because growing up, classmates, friends, family would always ask “what is wrong with you?”

So growing up, I decided that there was something wrong with me, and I spent a lot of time acting out, throwing fits of anger, secluding myself from people and verbally abusing anyone who dared to say anything that I considered offensive to me…

I always say that the person who got the worst of this is my sister, the sweetest, most patient woman I have ever known…

The irony is that while she bore the brunt of a lot of my abuse, she never once asked, “What is wrong with you?”

So here I am today, a 36 year old woman, atoning for my past sins with the work that I do.

I wrote this book because there are many, many people who are going asking themselves… “What’s wrong with me…really… what the hell is wrong with me?”

You wonder whether you are ultimately to blame for how badly certain things have gone in your life…

Many of us are inherently convinced that we are not deserving of the life we really desire

…so we come up with very elaborate plans on how our lives are supposed to go…

and we throw our entire identity and self worth into those plans… and we convince ourselves that our worth will be determined by how successful these plans are.

But there are times when those plans do not work at all… sometimes they just fall flat…

Or sometimes they do, and we discover that even if we have succeeded in our plans, they have done very little to fill that emptiness we still feel inside.

These are the kind of limiting beliefs that can have a detrimental effect on our self-confidence.

That’s when you start asking yourself “honestly, what’s wrong with me”?

Well in my book – which is free to download – I help to address this feeling of emptiness, despair and helplessness that we all have gone through, or currently must be going through.

This book is about changing your mindset about how you view yourself and your life!




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The book addresses:

  • How you found yourself asking this dreaded question “What’s wrong with me?”
  • The Number 1 Cause of your Greatest Suffering
  • Identifying the 3 Types of Blame and How to Deal With Them
  • 3 Powerful Strategies to Overcome your Suffering

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