Why Do I Procrastinate? (The Real Reason Why You Struggle With It)

why do i procrastinate

It's a genuine frustration you have.

Repeatedly telling yourself that you are going to finish a task, make that appointment, fulfil that promise you said you had to do, but every single time, you just don't get around to it!

The question is, why? 

In this article, we shall unpack and get to the root of exactly why you procrastinate so much.

And the reasons might surprise you!

What Are The Main Causes Of Procrastination?

why do i procrastinate

First of all, let's dispel this myth that you procrastinate because you are always lazy and unfocused.

This couldn't be further from the truth!

You are a responsible adult.

You hold yourself accountable to certain commitments that you fulfil every single day like your family, your career, your studies or your friends that you care for.

There is a deeper issue here that you may not have considered:

You only do the things that are of your highest priority and that you really care about!

Dr John Demartini,  who is considered one of the world's leading authorities on human behavior and personal development, has this to say about those of us who struggle with procrastinating:

"If you don't fill your day with high priority actions that inspire you, it fills up with low priority actions that don't."

So there's your answer.

If you honestly ask yourself why you wake up every morning to go to that crappy job you absolutely loathe, it is because of one thing:

That crappy job  is the primary provider of very crucial, high priority needs in your life.

No wonder you would never procrastinate on being late on the job everyday, or put off doing tasks that have strict deadlines!

So you're not a lazy, no good procrastinator. You just aren't inspired!

Why Is Procrastination A Problem?

why do i procrastinate

Portrait of doubtful timid and cute caucasian guy gazing nervously over gray background

It is a problem when a significant portion of your problem disappears without you even knowing what you did with it.

Procrastination becomes a problem when it becomes second nature and you start putting off tasks and responsibilities that you deem important to you.

I believe this is where we start giving up on wanting to lead better, more productive lives.

If you have lost sight of what you truly value and care.

Life may have beaten you down so much that you don't care to get up anymore

This is where you start to look for every distraction you can find to run away from your current reality.

But even if you vow to no longer allow yourself to be distracted, you must understand that the distractions are the symptom of your problem, not the root cause.

You have to take a deeper look into yourself to find the solution to your issues with procrastination.

How Can I Overcome Procrastination And Laziness?

Start by asking yourself 3 crucial questions

  1. 1
    What Do I Really Care About?
  2. 2
    Who And What Are My Highest Priorities?
  3. 3
    What Are My Top 5 Most Important Values?

Focus On The Things You Really Care About

The truth is there were certain things that occupied your time and efforts that you were passionate about!

I think it's time to look into those goals that gave you the fuel and a burning desire to pursue them.

You may find this article useful if you are thinking about how you want to plan yourself before 2019 ends.

Make the decision towards the things that will ultimately make you happy and give you real meaning in your life.

Anything else is a distraction!

Determine Your Highest Priorities

why do i procrastinate

You can identify what your high level, medium level and low level priorities are by asking yourself these questions as outlined by Dr. Demartini:

  • How do spend your time and energy?
  • What do you spend your money on?
  • Who are the people you talk to on a daily basis?
  • Where in your life are you most disciplined?
  • What do you visualize everyday?
  • What do you find yourself thinking and talking about?

Really start to determine the top 3 priorities in your life that you are willing to dedicate yourself and your life to.

Figure Out What Your Topmost Core Values Are

Do you know what your core values are?

At this point in my life, everything I do is based on my core values:

  • Authenticity
  • Compassion 
  • Courage
  • Honesty
  • Learning
  • Kindness
  • Personal Growth
  • and Wisdom

I resonate the most with these values and I choose to base my life and my work on them.

If I do anything that does not directly match up with my core values, immediately an inner conflict builds up in me that eventually shows up on the outside.

Choose to take some time out to figure out what your truest and highest values are.

Click here to download this list of core values and determine which ones you resonate with the most. Choose 3-5 that you identify with deeply.

Prioritize your life's tasks, responsibilities, goals and ambitions on these values you have chosen.

Doing this will help you lead a focused, meaningful, happier and more successful life. 

Over to you!

What do you find yourself procrastinating the most and why?

Do share your thoughts by commenting below!

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